October Monthly Goals for Blogger Jacelyn Phang

October Monthly Goals

The power of goals gives you focus, direction and short term motivation. Starting this month, I hope to share monthly/quarterly goals I want to accomplish. By publicly declaring them, it gives me a little pressure in completing them too, so keep track on me and ‘scold’ me a little you think if I fall short, I will appreciate the little motivation.

(1)    Lose 2 Kgs

It’s hard to say no to good food, and I am have been growing horizontally since I met my boyfriend Sherman. Currently standing at the fattest of my life, I am at a whooping 52kg. For friends who know me, I have NEVER gone past 50kg in my life. This month, I am not restricting my diet but I am going to start exercising 3 times a week to control the weight gain.

(2)    Volunteer

James Cook Univeristy Annual Entrepreneurship Contest

Doing good for others is what I have devoted myself to do this month. I want to volunteer my time, knowledge and expertise to help others. Was invited as the judge at James Cook University for their Annual Entrepreneurship Competition last week by lecturer Desmond Chow, and I loved it! I am blown away by the energy and ideas from some of the students, and it makes me happy that my entrepreneurial background can help a student or two.

Anyone else who has any ad-hoc events for me to volunteer my time, let me know! I have also taken my first step to express my interest in volunteering with the People’s Association. If you want to make a difference in the community and enrich the lives of others too, hit me up to do this together.

(3)    Cook more

It’s embarrassing to say this, but I have almost ZERO knowledge of cooking – I can’t even fry an egg well. The only thing I can manage? Tossing ingredients together to make a salad and I want to change this.  There’s nothing quite as rewarding as preparing a home-cooked meal for your family and friends. This month, I am dedicated to learn 4 new dishes. Nothing fancy, over-the-top, but think simple, easy and healthy meals.

(4)    Declutter

It’s been on my to-do list forever, this time I promise it will happen. My room is in an insane mess. This month, you can look forward to items added to my carousell account (@juzjingqi) and more pre-loved items dropped at refash’s outlet at POMO for your shopping pleasure.

(5)    Create an editorial calendar

Goals must be quantifiable in order to be successful. Aiming to do two blog posts a week and finish tentatively planning posts for the rest of the year!

Now or Never - Goal Settings are important
Photo by @donteows, edited by Jacelyn

It is never too late to set a goal or dream a new dream. How about you?

What are your goals for the month of October?

Share your goals with me at phangjacelyn@gmail.com and I will help keep track on your goals too. To a fruitful month ahead! xx

With love, Jacelyn


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