Wild and Free – Sherman X Jacelyn Part 1

Coming into light about my relationship with Sherman and sharing many things that people have asked and had wanted to know of my relationship.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what truly matters. When I met Sherman two years ago, I wasn’t ready or looking for love. Fast forward to 2017, love came knocking during the most unexpected time; we dated and fell in love.


Everything about this relationship is comfortable, comforting and easy. Conversations flowed and we felt connected emotionally. In my opinion, Sherman is dependable, attractive and compassionate. More importantly, I find him trustworthy.


Like a garden, the more you tend to a relationship, the more it will grow. With the same end goal in mind, we nurtured the relationship by giving it time to develop. To understand each other better, we attend courtship counselling sessions to understand each other in terms of personality, family background, finances, values and more. & of cos we talked and basked in each other’s company A LOT.

For now, we’re taking things as it is and sorry to break the news, he hasn’t proposed. The photo on IG is part of this styled shoot. Knowing my love for photography and to celebrate our love, Sherman is just as excited as me to capture our moments into memories. & we hope you like this set of images as much as we do!


The theme for the shoot is “Wild & Free”; and I love how Louis from JoyDeVi managed to capture this vibe along with the in-between moments of us enjoying and having a good time at the beach. It was so fuss-free shooting with Louis; there weren’t any ‘pose-y’ and awkward moments, he was casual in his approach and the photos turn out professionally well-taken. To sum up, shooting with him was pure fun and laughter!





P.S. I love the design of this ring so much, I am wearing it everyday!
Rose Gold Ring from Pantheon Silver

P.S. I love this ring so much, I am wearing it like my engagement ring already.


Hair by Fidelis Toh

Fidelis is AMAZING, in 1.5 hours she created this beautiful hair and loveliest make up on me.





Felicity Gown from WeddingCraftersSg


To all the wonderful partners who made this happen, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A special and big shout out to Shumin and Siling from Glittering Carousel, I would not have been able to cope with work and the liaison for the shoot if not for them. A good wedding planner makes a big difference for your shoot/event. Both ladies helped so much throughout the organisation of the concept of the shoot – from producing the lookbook, finding related vendors, and making sure everything is on track! I can easily say this shoot is the most stress-free shoot I have ever had.


In the next blogpost, I will be sharing more about the other unsung heroes of this shoot. Also looking forward to reveal one more batch of photographs from another awesome photographer. Till then!

With love, Jacelyn

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