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Are you a SPARKS fan? If you haven’t heard or haven’t watched SPARKS, you are missing out on this funny mini-series by DBS which showcases a story based on a group of young bankers and their lives.


Inspired by true stories, the mini-series aims to convey the true meaning of banking, and to challenge the perception that banking is only about transactions. There are some episodes on how millennials work/behave that I can totally relate to; do stand by some tissue for the latest episode because it will come in handy.

Photo Source: DBS
Photo Source: DBS

Just 7 episodes in the series, you will get to see many celebrities from Michael Wong, Lin Ching-Tai, Carl Ng, Jaime Teo, Daren Tan, Noorlinah Mohamed and of course local talent Nathan Hartono!


Courtesy of  Alvinology , I got invited to watch Nathan, Benjamin Kheng and other talented singers perform live at Pangdemonium’s fundraiser concert – THE JAM last night, at 8.30pm (at the Esplanade Concert Hall), and their performance totally blew me off my seat. 



I got the best seat in the house (first row centre seats) and suffice to say, I was not let down by the performance. Both Nathan and Andrew Marko sang with such beautiful voice and beautiful spirit, I was serenaded. Especially impressed with the segment where both of them came up with song lyrics given by keywords provided by the audiences.


The rest had powerful vocal voices and I am particularly drawn to Andrew Marko’s segment because his songs are so relatable. There was this brilliantly funny song about TAF Club which is super memorable too. How I wish I could upload all the videos of the night for you to hear but my camera wasn’t allowed in the theatre and I was busy enjoying the night.

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As a huge supporter of local talents and businesses, I just hope that more of us can continue supporting local production. If you haven’t watch Sparks, you can catch it here at

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