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<REVIEW> It is my first time using Althea’s product and if you haven’t heard of this brand, Althea is an one-stop shopping destination where you can get authentic Korea beauty products at a reasonable price. If you are a fan of Korea beauty trends, you need to know this site.


I received the Petal Velvet Powder which is a translucent powder that sets makeup. The packaging is so tiny (and only weighs 3 grams), it fits to my small sling bag perfectly without weighing me down.


The packaging is so sweet with its pastel shade of pink too! Totally fits my style.

Photo Source: ReadNational
Photo Source: ReadNational

Althea is the national flower of Korea and it is my first time reading that the flower seed extract is actually full of antioxidants great for the skin! And of course the Petal Velvet Powder has to have this wonderful seed extract. The powder is supposed to keep sebum production at bay without drying the skin. I tried using the Velvet Powder which functions like a loose powder, the particles are super fine and it glides to my skin effortlessly, but for once I wish that the item packaging is bigger. It takes several applications to cover my entire face. Or maybe it is purely because my face is fat.

Photo Source: Ph.Althe.Kr
Photo Source: Ph.Althe.Kr

The essential key points of the Petal Velvet Powder are that it is (1) long-wearing, (2) has a soft and smooth texture (3) made up of natural and cruelty free ingredients and (4) is used for sebum control. Lastly, you will be shocked that it is retailing only at SGD6!

Overall, I think the Petal Velvet Powder is good for use for minor touch-up throughout the day, but I would still prefer using a matte pressed powder for a quicker finishing touch for my makeup.

Try it for yourself here at http://ph.althea.kr/petal-velvet-powder and let me know what you think!

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