Review of LuLuLun Hydrating Mask

In case you had missed my Instagram story, here’s a quick review on LuLuLun’s Hydrating Toner Mask (pink packaging).

LuLuLun Review by Jacelyn Phang

I love how kawaii and pinky this packaging is; it’s definitely great for travel/staycation ( so that you don’t have to lug around a full size heavy toner bottle). My boyfriend who is new to face masks say application is easy, and refreshes his face (although he described the cooling sensation as a ‘spicy’ sensation on his face *face palm*). I do like that it fits nicely to my face, I didn’t have to tear the mouth or eyes openings to fit into my big face. My favorite part is that there is NO dripping liquid and I can easily proceed with other tasks on hand while masking.

Jacelyn and boyfriend X LuLuLun

The mask dries in around 10 mins; and works like a toner mask. Googling this item, it says that “experiments show higher penetration of toner into skin using a face mask compared to hands. Penetration into skin differs by 65%”.  For a good and thorough application of your daily toner, you can consider trying this too.  I don’t take more than 2 minutes to apply toner usually, so I would recommend just applying  this mask for 5-10 minutes.  What do you think?

Oh, there’s no sticky feeling after the mask too! Each packet contains 7 pieces so it’s perfect for short trips out.

Hope this short review was good enough! Here’s to discovering and sharing more beauty products with you all this year <3

With love, Jace

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