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They say “Life isn’t about having what we want. It’s about wanting what we have”, true that, but for people who knows me, I always reach for the moon. Lately, I have been feeling that I had deviated slightly from my goals and there seems to be slow progress in the things that I do. But f* that recent setback, I am committed to getting better. Looking forward to July where I push myself beyond my comfort zone to take up Acting classes. For me, it has always been between choosing risk and striving for greatness, or risking nothing and being certain of mediocrity. What about you? Are you working for your mission in life?

Meanwhile, I am happy to have collaborated with Mizzue (bag), HairVisuality (styled hairstyle), (locket charm necklace & keychain), TheGreenRoomSg (bouquet) and VagueSketches (awesome photog!) for this lookbook shoot. Enjoy the photos and to all who has aspiring dreams, always “follow your bliss“.

Cheryle Dibonaventura - Burgundy X Mizzue
Cheryle Dibonaventura – Burgundy X Mizzue
Mizzue Satchel Bag
Mizzue Satchel Bag's Charm Locket and TheGreenRoomSg's Bouquet’s Charm Locket and TheGreenRoomSg’s Bouquet Blessed Charm Locket Blessed Charm Locket

Dress from Lovebonito

Also, I am on a lookout for photo-editing/photography courses to put my SkillsFuture Credit Fund to good use, so let me know if anyone has any good or fun courses to introduce 🙂

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