Jacelyn X Halley Medical Aesthetics

Would you dare to go barefaced in public? If not, why not?

Find out the common fears from ladies of all ages, and find out how Dr Terence Tan can help you with your insecurities. Click here to see the video!Jacelyn X My Fat Pocket TV X Halley

This is the first street interview I have done; so be kind on your comments especially those parts where I used repeated words and seem to be speaking like a machine gun ! But I would love to hear any comments you have, so drop me a comment, msg or PM especially if you would like to see more of me in actions (i.e. in videos).

With love, Jacelyn

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Hello, I am Jacelyn! Welcome to my blog, I write about my love for fashion and beauty. To get in touch, drop me an email at phangjacelyn@gmail.com. With love, Jace

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