Hair Trend 2016 – Balayage

A while ago I had the privilege to be Kimage Hair Model and its a timely good opportunity for me to (finally!) ditch the boring long straight hair I’ve been having all the time (feeling a bit guilty as I say this, but I kept the same hairstyle for more than 10 years so far!).


To be honest, I am pretty wary when it comes to experimenting new hairstyles for myself (because I am always worried about the turn out and I have had a disastrous perm many years back), but Kimage had managed to convince me to try something completely different from how I usually look – Middle length, Choppy Bangs with Balayage hair color. And boy, I was excited after I saw the image after googling “Balayage”.


(image source: hair-by-lisa)

When I set my eyes on this Balayage hair color image, it was just love at first sight for me! Nothing too drastic or wild, and it suits my personality.


Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It creates a sun-kissed natural looking hair color with the darker shade on top followed by a gradual fading of color to the hair tip (meaning less noticeable regrowth lines when the black roots merge with the darker shade of color on the crown of your head). I think I look more sunshine after the change of colour!


It’s perfect for my lifestyle as I prefer a hairstyle with less maintenance effort while giving me a soft and natural look. If you are more adventurous, you can go for stronger colors with the same balayage effect (see below).


(image source: saltlakemagazine)

Suitable for the tropical weather, middle length is fun, flirty and versatile. Also, read below on why you should consider shoulder length hair and choppy bangs from the professionals from Kimage instead!


You can pick up the Hair Trend Lookbook of 2016 at any of the Kimage outlets and expect to read about the Color/Texture/Hair Length of 2016!


P.S. I did my hair with Yvonne at Kimage (Bukit Panjang Outlet), she’s attentive to my needs, patient and skillful! If you are looking to change a new image for the new year, do consider dropping by. 🙂


For more pictorial and regular updates of my life, follow me at @jacelynphang on Instagram. Have a lovely weekend all <3

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