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Going red again..

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Hey guys! I’m finally done with my papers for NOW..

 2 more assignments + 2 exam papers to clear before I’m officially FREE.

Lately, I’ve been very irritated by my messy hair because I haven’t visit my regular salon for.. 3 months+!

Did i mentioned that my grandpa left us on 1st of Dec? And it’s a Chinese family thing.. that the descendants are not allowed to cut hair and wear bright coloured clothings for 49 or 100 days to show respect or something. Er… don’t ask me why, I’m not too sure.

Since the day, I’ve gotten sponsorship for hair, it’s a MUST to pop by every 1-2months! Especially for short hair, as requires more maintenance to keep it in shape. So I needed a hair fix desperately and booked an appointment right after 49th day and exams!

It was GREAT to be there!


Buay tahan my dry hair! The copper shade has faded off and the ugly roots- everyday bad hair day.

Other than great service by friendly staff, comfy & great ambiance… I look better after each visit!


 Relaxing head massage with scalp treatment essence, relieving stress.


It gives minty cooling feeling and it smells so good! I love head massage most!


With my trusted stylist! :) She’s always so cute and sweet! Now we have similar hair style.




FYI, it is combination of 3 different shades. Ash brown at the bottom, the patches of red (on left and right in middle portion) and copper brown on top :)  So my hair colour looks different always, depending on how i style it and where’s the hair parting.

If i want it to brown, i keep my parting to centre.

If i want it to be red, i do side parting :)

Lastly, I must thank Salon Runway for giving me taking care of my hair, it has saved me a lot of headaches and hassle.

I used to think that.. nevermind lah! No need to spend so much on hair.. and I was wrong, I’ve learned the hard way after cheap and unskilled stylist screwed up my hair right before special occasions and I was too ashamed to go out.


Simply quote “HUIRONG” when you pop by SALON RUNWAY and enjoy a 15% off  on any hair services!

9 Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

and give them a call to fix an appointment at Tel: 6837 8178


CNY nails- 年年有余 :)

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Hello! I’m in the mid of preparing next exam.. which is few days away.

And it’s a must to munch when i study. I can’t help it but to… notice that CNY is arriving soon.

It’s definitely my personal FAV festive season!

Pineapple tarts, Ba Gua and more CNY goodies contribute to my weight gain every year. Years ago, i fell sick from overeating these goodies + late night gatherings but IT’S ALL WORTH IT! lol..  I’m such a pig!

Read my chinese zodiac sign and it’s looking great! Hopefully it’s true! HUAT AH!

Though my family and I won’t be able to celebrate CNY this year due to my grandpa’s passing, I still did a cute set of CNY nails with regular manicurist Shanice!



Can’t stop looking at these goldfishes on my fingers. They are way too cute to ignore!


Can you believe that this set with gelish with 3d nail art, blings and etc, cost just $78 in total?

Love this design and haven’t book appointment yet, you can find my manicurist!

And it you stay around North area, it’s near my manicurist’s place! I have to travel from another end to her place every single month. Though the traveling time to and fro is 2 hours, it’s ok!

I can trust my nails with Shanice. Lately i saw saw my godmum and gf’s nails with infection and they look really gross! I’m very serious, not exaggerating. The manicurist may not have cleaned her tools well or disinfected them… Whatever it is, I’m not gonna go out of my comfort zone and take any risk because I have been with Shanice for total of 2 years+ and did not have any problem.

Do note that she’s fully booked for the days near CNY. Only limited slots available between 18th Jan to 22 Jan :)

Book asap before the slots runs out!

Kindly whatsapp or SMS Shanice at 94314895!

*Note: A deposit of $30 is required to confirm the appointment for CNY and it is non refundable upon cancellation.


2014 first entry…

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Happy New Year!

2014 is the day I’m gonna embark on a new journey..

Well, I’m FINALLY finishing my studies and honestly, I know that I’ve paused it for way too long.

And yes, I’m really behind my peers.

Been looking forward to taking the next phrase of my life. My parents will definitely be SUPER HAPPY, been waiting for that day to arrive.

Though there’s a lot of uncertainties but I’m not afraid, i look at it positively.

When things get tough, it makes you stronger.

Doing the same stuff for 7-8 years makes me feel very “stagnant”.

Yea, many locals will say.. Aiya! It’s just a CRAP private university, no big deal.

I didn’t take the direct path of entering JC and i didn’t want to continue the course (Interior Design) which i did in Singapore Poly.

Whatever it is, it was tough to work for my own school fees of 30k+ in 2 years. Local university isn’t that expensive.

To whoever who is reading this..

If you are a student, STUDY AS HARD AS YOU CAN when your parents are paying for you.

My parents paid for my school fees years ago but i DID NOT appreciate it. Eventually, I lost focus and the crappy school gave me problems, so I paused.

Within the few years, my family business didn’t do very well. So the money that was supposed to be for my studies was gone. Initially, I was pretty upset and mad that I have to find the money on my own. My elder brother did it with his own hard earned money, so I told myself that I can do it too.

Having a degree is common today and I know that every parents want their children to complete a degree.

Trust me, it is HELL to study and work at the same time.

I must say that I’m considered pretty lucky to have my own flexibility to manage my own schedule; eg: able to take up less job assignments during exam period. My other classmates with full time job don’t have the luxury to do so. In fact, many of them pay for their school fees too and they told me that they have NO LIFE. Had to burn their leaves to prepare school assignment & exams. Really stressful ttm when it comes to assignment deadlines and exam period. Leave alone having personal time, family time or fun time catching up with friends.

Pausing my studies is the biggest regret in my life and I hope that no one else will follow the same path as me.

It is VERY HARD to make money but VERY EASY to spend money.

Yea, I know i sound naggy. But one time for sure is… no matter how naggy your mum can be, your parents are the people that love you unconditionally and will always be there for you no matter what. Some old sayings said by them are always right.

Anyways, enough of talking!

Gonna go back to my pile of books!!! 2 papers on this and next weekend!

Wish me luck!



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