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Father’s day without him

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I’m sorry that this entry is almost one month late.

There were inner conflict within me. Whether to post this emotional entry up.

And finally, I’ve decided to post it up because I’ve decided to ignore whatever outsiders think/say of me. I’m living for myself and I’m inactive in terms of blogging, my priorities changed as I get older.

Hence it is definitely not for attention/fame. I’m too old for “attention seeking” stuff.

It has been 8 months since Dad left us but my heart still ache whenever I think of him. And I’m sure that I’m not alone.

When most of my friends had Father’s day celebration with their father. My family and I visited my Dad at Nirvana. On side note, Thank you my BF, D, for coming along. He has been my pillar of emotional support. Especially during the tough period. I was extremely sensitive and emotional, cried so often.

The thing about my family is.. We are close but we are terrible at expressing our love for one another. Never have the habit of giving hugs. saying “I love you” and etc.

As much as i hate to admit this..

I’ve took my dad and my family for granted.

We take things for granted on a daily basis, always with the assumption that whenever we need something, it will be there.

I wish that I have more time with him so repay everything he has given me. Just one day.. or even few hours is good enough.

There are so much I want to do for him but it is too late.


My message to everyone out there is.

“Appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.”

Don’t ever think that it is so “uncool” to say “I love you” to your love ones. Don’t feel shy to express your love via actions like hugs, pat on shoulder and etc.

Don’t be another me. So far, this is my biggest regret in my life and it suck.

The guilt in me remains….


Beware of this photographer & shoot organizer in Malaysia, KL

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It has been awhile since i have the “feel” of writing, because I feel the need and urgency of exposing this man asap.

(Pardon me, it is gonna be a long entry with photo of text exchanged between us to back up my words. And FYI, even though the text msges have been cropped, NOT edited)

Today, I will be sharing my disappointing experience with a infamous photographer aka shoot organizer in Malaysia, KL. The main reason why i am sharing my experience working with him openly, is to let more people know about this man, so you don’t have to become another victim. Absolutely NOT because of attention, lime light, blog traffic hits and etc.

This entry is to clarify everything, because whatever he has be sprouting are purely ONE SIDED biased false accusations of me.  To be fair, on 8th March 2014 April, Mr Ong flew to Singapore with his friend and did a group shoot with me and it turned out okay. Then he arranged another shoot on 18 Sept, he flew to Singapore again and did fashion shoot with me. Both turned out okay. Hence, I agreed to stop over KL for fashion group shoot after my job in Sepang.

Here are the photos taken.


me april



me sept

Despite many photographer friends warned me about him, i wanted to be fair to him; since he did not try “monkey business” on me during the 1 year period. In fact, he even asked me for approval before posting “sexy” looking pictures. Hence, I told everyone who are concern that he’s alright to me, don’t worry! Since all 3 shoots (shown above) went smoothly, i agreed to do group shoot organized by him again from 22 May to 24 May 2015.

Little did i expect that things will go haywire.



During planning phrase of May’s group shoot

I didn’t see the need to fly on Malaysia airlines’s business class (but i don’t need 30kg baggage for few days trip/ in-flight meal) for just a 45min journey, I opted for cheaper flight with the intention of saving cost for him. He accused me for being paranoid? Honestly, it was really uncalled for.

He checked AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines for my plane tickets, hence i suggested other airlines. My ONLY request was to fly back on Monday between certain timing so i can have more time in KL. He kept pushing me to take Malaysia Airline and even want me to take earlier flight because it is cheaper.

So I went to check on skyscanner for him and print screen the exact airline, flight time and cost. Apparently what i found was HALF price of what he claimed. He just can’t seem to find it and i had given him the name of where i found the deal + offered to book the flight myself to save him the trouble.

After 1 hour of “discussion”, he realized that he checked wrong dates (not to mention, i said “ttyl” cos i was having dinner, he went on -_-”). After he apologized with “I just woke up from wrong side of bed”, i let it go.

Maybe this man is just not that IT savvy i suppose? I could have done it in 15 mins. Sigh, nevermind.



Less than 24 hours before flight

He sent me a confirmation of agreement; which include the fees I would be paid + specific hotel & flight details. To my horror, he dropped a bomb on me by messing up my rates for the agreed photo shoots. He ‘halved’ my rates (by mistaking PER HOUR to PER SESSION of 2 hrs) and even claimed that i gave him wrong rate.

It was only after I send him print screen of my quotation, he realized his mistake. This time round, he explained that he was “driving while messaging me and every human makes mistake” and brushed it off. I did my very best to be understanding n compromised him by trying my very best to reduce the cost for flights, hotel stay and fees for him. After thinking back, I wonder if he did it on purpose. Because he organized shoot of me 3 times! He ought to know my fixed rates and it is quite impossible to half  it suddenly. So there’s possibility that he was trying his luck and see if I said ‘ok’ to his confirmation. If i didn’t notice and didn’t correct him, I would be paid half price? Whatever it is, i chose to give him benefit of doubt.


Actual shoot day, while waiting to fly to KL

Unfortunately, the flight got delayed. He said that he never have such problems with Malaysia airlines. Oh please! Even SQ delayed my flight to KL by an hour last Oct. So I replied him “As long as I’m safe, plane don’t crush n etc, everything is all good. No rush.” My point was “Safety comes first”. But he got all upset suddenly and assumed that I was referring to Malaysian airline crush and all. Omg man.. At that point of time, I was at boarding area thinking… what’s wrong with him lately? He was okay for last 3 shoots. That is when i noticed that he seem oversensitive when it comes to Malaysia Airlines (is he their ambassador or something??) and very quick tempered.

Mr Ong thinks that he is a vampire? That’s why he knows that he won’t die?

An airport staff checked my boarding pass and told me that it is not bad airline. So i told Mr Ong. He said yes it is and went on to say that he was the one who recommended Malindo. But it wasn’t him! It was my BF who suggested it. He slammed me back with “Ask you BF to book your flight then!”.

I was taken aback. It is part of the agreement to include my flights, that why i went through all that “discussion and explanation” with him. I could have booked it on my own within 10-15 mins; which is definitely much more efficient. And he said that I’m annoying! Really OMG.


When a religious model from Philippines express her gratefulness to God for giving her the chance to go Malaysia for shoot, he felt unappreciated and said.. Did God book her air tickets and hotel stay? He feels that he deserved that public credit because he is that person who make it possible. He commented on her Facebook post and even posted a very sarcastic post about it on his own Facebook. (Unfortunately, i didn’t print screen the comments on his Facebook page before he blocked me off). In his opinion, he is the boss bringing model over and he is the one paying them but hang on… The cost is from all shooters who join, isn’t it? Why can’t you learn how to respect others? How are u suppose to work with others without respecting them and their beliefs? I told him, if god didn’t give her looks, u won’t even get her over for shoot, isn’t it? He told me in person that- God don’t do ANYTHING and there is NO KARMA. I told him, you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean that other can’t have their beliefs.

 Was I rude to him? I wasn’t. Mr Ong turned his tables around and accused me for being “VERY RUDE”.



When I arrive airport, he gave me chocolate and teddy bear as an apology. I accepted and to be fair, he deserves credit for his work even though i disagree with what he did to me eventually (you will get to see them as you scroll down).

Other than my sleeping time, shower time and shoot preparation time for makeup, he’s always beside me like superglue. Other than doing photo shoot, I had to face him for the rest of the time. Everyone who knows him, all know that he ‘shares’ NEGATIVE stories nonstop. So i heard all that for 2 days straight over lunch, dinner and journey from place to place. Honestly, I’ve never seen a guy complaining this much in my life. As an organizer, he was supposed to take care of me and ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, I only manage to sleep just 5 hours sleep for 2 nights in KL because of him. As I was seriously deprived of sleep, listening to him repeating same old stories 5 to 10 times each didn’t help. In fact, it was plain torturing. Because I understand that he has no friends to confine in, I took pitied in him and endured all the s***.

He expressed that, shooters turn up late for shoot= disrespect him as an shoot organizer. He feels that he has to teach them discipline n punctuality; by giving black face and expressing his unhappiness openly. So i asked him, “for shooters who turn up late, they paid the same amount as those who are on time right? Then, it is their loss.” He said “yes” but he feels that.. it is a HASSLE for him to go down and bring them up to his studio. It is interruption to the shoot. He added “if they are late, everyone gonna wait and wait; other shooters who are on time will be angry at me!” So i said, you are not a teacher or their father? Why bother teaching them? Then, I suggested him a simple solution by suggesting what other Singaporean shoot organizer do- set a grace period of 15 mins for shoot and if model and majority of the shooters have arrived, don’t wait for late comers.

He went on with his “airline” theory; If you are late for flight, u miss the plane. “Everyone goes to airport early! Why can’t they do that to my shoot and give me that respect?” So i replied, “Please don’t get mad at me and listen to my honest opinion. They may have overslept or stuck in bad traffic. As you said, everyone makes mistakes.Using your airline theory, the plane takes off without waiting isn’t it? why wait for everyone? What rights do u have to teach others? They are his customers, yet he give such service? No one wants to see your black face first thing on weekend morning.” He said he understood my point and said he would improve. As a friend., I consoled him and encouraged him. He assured me that he will definitely change for better.


Strictly no Mandarin for Cruiser’s photoshoot

Some shooters prefer to speak in mandarin during his organized shoot, but he felt that they bad mouth him and disrespect him because he don’t understand what they say. However, everyone has their preferred language, why he wanna control which language people use? Did he state in his T&C that his shooters are ONLY allowed to speak English because he don’t understand mandarin? Beside, everyone has freedom of speech, isn’t it? During the shoot, one of the shooter have common friends with me and spoke to me in mandarin (as his mandarin is way better than his English), Mr Ong distrusted me and felt that I wasn’t on his side. The truth was, i told that guy off nicely by saying “can you don’t so sarcastic towards Mr Ong?”. However, Mr Ong didn’t understand and didn’t believe that i tried to help him. So i suffered a 3 hour nonstop nagging and complaining because of a particular cheeky shooter, who tease him. Intense tension was felt by everyone during that shoot and i felt really sandwiched.

When someone speak to me in mandarin, i will naturally reply me mandarin. And if someone speak to me in English, i would definitely reply in English. Furthermore, it was just a mere few mins chat in total. How can i do a shoot with no communication with photographer? They have to tell me about adjusting my pose and etc, isn’t it? This isn’t my first day doing shoots Mr Ong. What’s there to kick a big fuss? If he was unhappy, he could have reminded me on the spot. He didn’t. To me, it feels like… he can’t think of proper things to bitch about me. He simply “cook up” whatever tiny things he can think of, without logic. Why everyone else were all good and happy except him?


Excuse me, Cantonese isn’t Mandarin

 He is very unforgiving to service staff. Restaurant staff forgot to put in our orders and apologized, he just can’t control his mouth and say very sarcastic remarks to them. I told him not to do that to them because they may just add “special ingredients” in the food and we may end up with diarrhea for days. Better not take that risk, totally not worth it. To be honest, I felt very ashamed to be spotted with him because of his behavior.

Mr Ong explained to me that he’s ashamed with the fact that he is Chinese who doesn’t know mandarin. Hence the inferiority? Restaurant staff spoke to me in Cantonese n I didn’t understand. He bluntly raised his voice and said “u don’t und? it is Chinese!” + gave me that annoyed look. I replied Nope, it is Cantonese and for your information; they are different; Cantonese is a dilect and I’m not Cantonese.” Then he yelled at me in very irritated tone, “Cantonese is Chinese!!”

-_- Seriously? Do i deserve that? I’m not a punching bag for you to vent all your anger on.



Reached my limit

Eventually, i started feeling stressed up and suffocated. Was dying to go back hotel and have some alone time to myself. But he kept on asking, you want desserts? you wan ice cream? You wanna go see twin towers? I turned down nicely with the excuse of, “oh, i’m tired”. I have also recorded voice message of just him bitching nonstop about that cheeky shooter who joined his shoot. Even though i said nothing, he went on and on. Sigh.. That’s when i realize that it is not true to say woman are always nagging. He’s probably an exception.

When I close his car door, he accuse me of slamming it. I said “I’m sorry, I’m used to closing heavier car doors, so i tend to use slightly more strength.” Since then, he simply can’t help it but to give a black face and roll eyes every time i close his car door. On the final time, he tried to remind me about not slamming his car door but i got off too quickly and didn’t catch it. All i saw was that BLACK FACE AGAIN. Then, he mentioned that the way I close his door is plain annoying to him; mine just didn’t sound right. Isn’t it really OMG? Followed by a ‘super relevant’ example of.. If I slam ur house door, how do u feel? Can someone pls enlighten me? How to close a car door without any sound? Why is he so ANAL about everything (including tiny thing like closing car door) and expects everyone to comply to “what he think is right?”  Is he Hilter? Wanna control everyone around him. So I asked.. How to close a car door with no sound? Furthermore, how can a petite like me break his car door? No matter how hard I slam doors, I haven’t break any.

I tried my very BEST to control my accumulated frustration by reminding myself… “cool down! I’m on the way back to my hotel and I’m gonna be free from this man soon!” so i kept quiet. He asked “can i drop you at hotel lobby and go off?”. I replied “yes please, thank you” with no hesitation. He added “You understand that going into hotel carpark, finding parking, sending you up to your hotel room and den coming back then is such a hassle right?” I couldn’t take it anymore and replied “when i say yes i understand, it is enough. No need to go on explaining, because it makes it worse. Now i really do feel like a BIG HASSLE to you.” When a rubber band being stretched to it’s LIMIT, it SNAP!!!

Followed by arguments in car and I hate quarrels, so the moment the car arrive hotel lobby, i opened the door and said “I’ve got nothing more to say to you” and left. With that, he ASSUMED that i went CRAZY because of tiniest matter- slamming of car door. Even after 3 hours effort (sacrificing my sleep) of explaining to him that it was ACCUMULATED anger, he simply REFUSE to register it.

(Check out the print screen below to see the bipolar side of him)

So shown in the image above. I didn’t reply him because I needed time to myself to cool off. He kept texting me.

It is clear that he DIDN’T understand why I exploded.

He himself admitted that he is bipolar!

LOOK! HE WAS THE ONE WHO SAID NEVERMIND. I had stated that i did not agree not to share the truth.

My explanation to him which he misunderstood and then accused me for theft.

Helping a short fused man keep his cool, giving advise, replying tricky msges and etc isn’t part of my job. Was seriously tired physically from  minimal sleep and mentally because of this over sensitive and temperament man. In other words, he’s like a landmine to me. Any wrong move, I will be dead. Really didn’t enjoy the time with him because I have to be extra cautious about everything i do and say.

While expressing all my unhappiness, he wanted his camera back. How did his camera end up with me? He requested to leave it in the room after afternoon group shoot. Since he will be coming back on next day, he was lazy to bring it up and down. To me, it is a small favor and i agreed with no hesitation. However, knowing his temperament and the room was booked under his name. I was afraid that he would request for another access card and come up in the middle of the night.

Anyone girl staying in the room alone would have avoided him from coming up. And also, the last group shoot ends at 11am but standard hotel check in time is usually after 12pm.  Knowing his temperament, I was afraid that he would back out his agreement after i deliver mine. But I was soft hearted after reading his “sincere” apologies; So i thought “why not we both do our job and finish up the left over job?” But i would like to keep his camera for time being as a leverage until he deliver his part.

- My remaining part was to finish the last planned group shoot from 9am-11am

- His part was to not make me angry anymore and don’t be present during the shoot. And do the check in of my final day stay at another hotel and then he can pick up camera bag at front desk of current hotel.

Here’s evidence of my repeated msges of not being interested to take his camera.

Haven’t I stated VERY CLEARLY that i didn’t want his camera several times? Why this guy can’t seem to understand that point?


Is it so difficult to understand English? He can’t understand Mandarin, I don’t know how can I make him understand anymore.

Obviously, he did NOT understand anything i said. Wasted my sleep time, sigh!

He passed me my payment, I didn’t demand or ask him for it. Why he make it sound as if i STOLE it?

As shown in the images above, I have repeatedly told him that i WILL return him. He has mind blockage or something? Only accept in things he wants, everything else rejected + make up his own stories with his wild imagination?

On Sunday morning, he arrived hotel lobby early, with the intention of bringing me to breakfast and request me to bring him up. Obviously, I refused! I don’t wanna be in hotel room with him alone and I had no appetite. Furthermore, I was busy doing makeup for the shoot.



Then, he threatened/blackmailed me with police and posting my post surgery pictures.

I was thoughtful enough to tell him where to find the pictures because i never have intention to hide. If I really wanna hide, I wouldn’t have post it so big for 2 years long.

This man never fail to “impressed” by his level of intelligence.  Unbelievable!

Anyways, 4 shooters who join the group shoot witnessed me bringing them up to the room and Mr Ong took his bag before leaving.

Shockingly, Mr Ong “filter off” the truth and twisted it to “i took his camera and it is THEFT” for his Facebook post on Sunday night.

The funny thing is- He was the one who say “let’s go court”, and i asked him for timing TWICE, he can’t seem to answer.

Did he chicken out?



Threatened me with Police once again with demands.



 These are what he posted about me.


IMG_1106 IMG_1104

On Monday morning, I woke up with another heart attack from Mr Ong



He even text me about “breach of contract”. Isn’t this a breach?

For your information, it was up for entire day. People started PM-ing me that they SAVE my mobile number. OMFG!!

Ater speaking to my lawyer friend, i took his advise of requesting Mr Ong to take it down. Otherwise, I have no choice but to file for harassment case against him.

In fact, he told me to go ahead because is happened in Malaysia. Oh wow! He don’t understand the damage he has done by releasing my number and still had the cheek to send me these message. Who wouldn’t be angry after all these drama caused by him?

Then, he LIED that he did not post up my number.

Really OMG. I received the print screen of it from my friend the very moment i wake up!

Self proclaimed law graduate didn’t understand his law that well after all.

He stated that he regard me as a friend when he seem apologetic. But which friend will ever ask his friend to do a paid full nude shoot (knowing that she don’t do them) with a stranger in Manila? Apparently, his doctor friend/client in Manila has his own collection of nude photo shoots. He told me that the rate he offered was CRAZY!

It is 3k sgd + flight + accommodation at any hotel of my choice.

The benefit he receive from that doctor is just free flight and accommodation at Manila.

I turned down immediately and said, “Money can’t buy everything.” Oh yes, he is very gossipy and has “big mouth”. He went on naming a famous Malaysian model, Miss L nd others have done nude shoot too.

At that very moment, I knew that he’s no friend. All the girls he works with= tool to him.

Too bad, this conversation took place face to face, I don’t have black and white evidence of it :(


He simply say “sorry” and expect everyone to forget him INSTANTLY + brush everything off. Then, he accuse me for bringing up past which is things that happen within these 2 days. When I refuse to accept his apology after hearing many times. One moment say until very sorry and will change. So i said, only after you prove that you change then i accept your apology. The next moment scold me petty, childish, need medical help, fucking dumb, stupid and etc. I knew that he say sorry for the sack of saying, without understanding his mistakes.

(photo evidence of him scolding me)

Someone claimed that I was “VERY RUDE”. He was SO POLITE to a lady.

 How sincere? Even asked if I got possessed by ghost or something!
Forever blaming everyone else except himself. I’ve heard enough of sorry then next moment call me ridiculous and etc. If you are wondering who he is.. His name is none other than ROGER ONG, CRUISER PHOTOGRAPHY. Many know about him. Even other models say that he’s bipolar n he asked me what does it mean (he showed me on his hp). I’m still impressed that the self proclaimed LAW graduate didn’t know the meaning of bipolar.

I’m sure that this man has serious issues. He insisted that I must understand the fact that he grew up with poor upbringing. Blaming his parents? That’s just an excuse to me.. You are 39, not 18! And why do i have to compromise you 24 7? Even if you have poor upbringing, it is none of my business.

Why do I have to understand him? He is the host! Instead of making me feel comfortable working with him, he made me feel unhappy, angry, disappointed, caused me so much distress.

According to him… If people treat him bad, he treats them bad too. He has demanded me to remove negative post about him as well as a public apology before i requested for it. His thinking is SO out of the world!! He can make mistakes and expect other to accept his apology right away + not allowed to bring it up AGAIN. But when others make mistake, he give BS attitude and all like a little spoilt brat.

And SUDDENLY, he believe in god? Didn’t he mentioned that god don’t do anything?

Why do i have to go church to believe in god and karma? There are many different religions around.


New articles

After the entire epidsode, then i realized that he has the worst reputation in Malaysia. There were several police case and news articles about what he did.

Please refer to the images below.

No name mentioned, but he self proclaimed that he was law student while studying in Europe.

His name “Roger”, stated in above article

English papers stated his age “37″ and this article was 2 year back. It matches his current age.

News articles should be quite reliable right?

Roger ong denied having police case filed by models against him and passed them off as rumours. But the person who bailed him out has spoke up and confirmed that it is TRUE. Another photographer whose exgf flied a report against him in Malaysia has spoke to me too.
I don’t know about you. I would rather believe the papers then his words after so much bull**** from him.

With his unreasonable demands and constant threats, I had no choice but reply him back with actions like going to “police” and “media”. Hoping that he would stop his nonsense. However, it didn’t work on a man like him who has faced several police case, court case and media coverage. It is nothing new to him. 



Apparently, he can’t accept the truth about what he did that’s why he deleted/hide my comments.

Eventually he blocked me but he thought that I blocked him. LOL!

These reviews taken from his Cruiser photographer clearly showed that he can’t accept any criticism from people.

Look at his reaction for 1 star rating. There are alot more, do take a look HERE.


Anyway, he has been lying about me calling other girls ugly. I don’t use that word ugly. I openly admit that I am very honest but I only say.. errr.. Not pretty in my opinion. Sometimes, he say the girl is ugly.. I didn’t bother looking and said “orh ok lo.” To him, it becomes “Huirong say everyone girl ugly!” WOW!!! Thumbs up for his HIGH level of intelligence ya?
He has always expressed openly that “Huirong is very rude” but he said I was very sweet and nice girl days ago. I must say that he is BEST at twisting his words!

He wasted 3 hours of my time explaining to him why i got so angry. Who won’t get more angry? It’s really WTF!! After going through HELL, I just don’t give a damn and unleash all the unhappiness accumulated in me. Yes, i admit the fact that I used “f***” word on him and I’m not afraid to admit it. Why did i become rude?

This man pretended to be sorry, apologized for the sake of doing it; he don’t even understand his mistake.

He himself admitted that he apolgized because of his camera. 


His reputation is so bad in Malaysia, that is why he go out of Malaysia and look into Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and more. What more do I need to say? Everyone has their eyes to see… N heart to feel.

Mr Ong has proven his ability to fabricate stories, twisting the truth based on his Facebook post.

FALSE accusations about me.



New TY Cool isn’t his friend.

What he say about NEW TY COOL?

He admitted that he used what I sent him and turned it against me. How despicable?

New TY Cool’s Facebook post happened to be days after I rejected collaborating with him after he messed up my rates 3 times (even after correcting him again and again), so I shared with Mr Ong. The fact is, they are not on good terms and Mr Ong KEPT TELLING & REMINDING ME to “SHARE” about the unhappy experience with New Ty Cool.  I don’t know how he assumed” that New TY Cool was referring to me even though it was pretty general statement. In other words, New TY Cool DID NOT speak to Mr Ong and there was no form of “warning” him of me.


As all of you can see, I was being pushed to the edge of the cliff. I had no choice but send him this message.

I was tired from all the b***s*** and was feeling lazy. Wanted to look pass the unhappiness by keeping quiet even though i wasn’t wrong and my hp got spammed ever since. My only wrong was to trust the wrong man and I admit that I used “f” word on him after explaining many hours but he didn’t bother to understand. Who won’t get annoyed? One thing for sure is- i treated him with utmost respect and even cared for him just like the way i care for any other friend.

amirudeWas i rude? I cared!

Just as i thought that it’s OVER, he posted a picture of me which i have rejected him from posting because i was wearing a tube dress but he cropped it in a way that i look “naked”.

That caption “going bare” is too much. I wasn’t even going bare to begin with! This goes to show what kind of person he is, isn’t it? In case you are wondering, it was a “fashion” shoot.  This unethical man cropped the picture and made it look so misleading.

As you can see, I have messaged him on his page to take he off. He IGNORED it. So I was left with no choice but to leave comment on it, apparently, he “HIDE” it really quickly.

He himself “expressed” that he won’t post it up (He has blocked me off Facebook, hence the name is not shown)


I was 100% not anywhere near nude (refer to picture below).

me oct

These 2 pictures were taken on the same day of Sept. As you can see, the makeup was the same. There was other photographer present.



Supporting links and printscreen from others who shared their experience with Mr Roger Ong

(the last one is just for laugh, intelligent Mr ong gave away his password details to fake police over facebook)

At the end of the day, I must say that he deserves the credit of making shoots happen and making necessary arrangements. I’m still grateful towards him for the things he did right but i can’t put up with the way he twisted stories, made me look bad and etc. I had insomnia and have cried for days over this issue and i really want to close this chapter. I really don’t wanna do this to you Roger. You have forced me to do this. It took me a lot of time and effort to come up with this entry.

It is up to you guys to judge. I’ve made a police report in Singapore and Facebook has finally took down the image & post that contained my number.

My message to other girls who may be going through threats from anyone like him- Please be strong my dear! Rainbow comes out after the rain stops.

Find your courage and stand up! Don’t be afraid when you know that you are not wrong. Never give in to unreasonable demands because of blackmail/ threat. There are always people around you who cares and loves you. Never keep quiet about it okay? Go to police and seek justice!

Giving is just letting them do more to other innocent girls out there.



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Happy new year everyone!

How was your Christmas and Chinese new year so far?

Hope that all of you have been well :)

It was the first Christmas and new year that I didn’t enjoy. My mum’s birthday falls on Christmas eve, hence Christmas is suppose to be a happy/joyous occasion for my family. It feels odd that my dad is no longer around, it’s really hard to accept fact.

I’ve never ever felt so much pain in my life. I’ve always been portraying a strong front but I’m really not that strong. Been super emotional because I miss him very much (I’m sure it’s the same for my siblings and my mum). Memories of him came flooding me and it’s impossible to control my tears; especially for a cry baby (been crying while writing recent entries). Not everyone understands how it feels to lose their parent/ love ones. To be very honest, I NEVER understand how painful it is until my dad left us.

I must have freaked out the taxi driver who drove me back home on the very day. Mum called me from ChiangMai and from her voice, i knew that it wasn’t good news. I was in shock and burst out crying. Followed by calling my siblings and sis in law one by one. Trust me, it’s goddamn difficult to calm myself down and hold my tears back in order for them to hear me clearly. Upon hearing the piece of bad news, everyone uncontrollably cry over the phone

The few days in Chiang Mai with my family was the first time all of us cry together everyday and that’s the toughest period for us so far.

Suddenly, all the pain from “boyfriend cheating”, “girlfriend backstabbing”, haters and etc, become nothing.

It’s a pity that dad doesn’t take much pictures with us.

People like happy people in general and the reason why I’ve not been updating since the last post is because I find it difficult to blog nowadays because I’m in a state whereby, I can no longer bring smiles to people. Too emotional and prefer to be home.

2015 is the most boring CNY for my family and myself. It feels odd to have reunion dinner with dad and we have no mood for festive seasons. I hope things will get better. In fact, I’ve decided to skip graduation ceremony since he cant be there.

Dad, you are the most amazing man I’ve known and I’m very proud of you

I’ll be brave and do you proud.

Thank you


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