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My papa

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This is definitely the toughest entry to write. I’ve got no idea where to start this entry.

In summary, my Dad passed away suddenly during his holiday trip. It’s very hard to believe it because he was perfectly okay on the very day before heart attack strike suddenly. No last words nothing… Everything was too sudden.

The last time I saw him was on my birthday (1 week before he left us) over family dinner.

It was difficult for my family and I to accept the fact that he left us so suddenly.

My siblings and I went through 8 nights of minimal sleep, handled paperwork with various embassies and etc, claimed dad’s body back, set up funeral wake and much more to ensure that everything falls in place during the wake. All of us were exhausted and at the same time… worried about our finance and many other factors.


As the eldest at home, dad came over to Singapore at the age of 13 to work and support his family. He started off with nothing, took up 2-3 jobs a day… he was a very thrifty man, always save $$$ on himself. 50 years of handwork for his family without any complain.

To be honest, I didn’t spend much time with family because I’m always not home, busy with studies, working and etc.

There are so many things that I wanna do for him and say to him,  it’s a pity that I didn’t get to deliver them.

I feel really bad. I’m sorry dad.

We wish that we have more time with him so repay everything he has gave us.

My heart aches whenever i think of him, he will always be the man i love and respect. Its very painful to lose the one who loves us unconditionally.


Papa, it has been a month, we hope you that you are well.

We miss you very much.

We will take care of Ma, RIP

Please cherish the time you have with your love ones. You will never know how much time you have with them.


Help needed

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Just wondering…

Is there any kind reader out there who’s good with website layout/ blog layout?

If you happen to be good at it and you don’t mind sparing some time to help me out, please email me okay?

Thank you!


Le spa experience with my mummy

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Let me backtrack to.. months ago. Err, I can’t really remember when was it.

According to photo date, it’s was March. Pampered my mummy by bringing her along with me :)


Le Spa is a 24 hours spa that is open from Mon to Sun (even on public holidays). It is located at 14 Gemmill Lane (Club Street); which is near Raffles Place. If you happen to work there, feel free to pop by after stressful day at work.





It’s pretty nice place, so the place is new, clean and nicely done up!

IMG_4334While enjoying the massage… I snapped a selfie :)

It was a great experience! My mum and i enjoyed our time there. Time passed really fast when we were there and it was pretty good. It’s not easy for a light sleeper to doze off especially for me. I had several horrible massage experience overseas including getting lots of blue blacks all over, puking and more, so I’m quite particular about getting massages.

And the best part is they provide very good service and there is no pressure-selling of packages!

Everything went on smoothly since the moment we step in. Greeted with smiles and all… Thumbs up!

Mum and I have been to other places whereby they didn’t let we leave. I was pressured into buying expensive packages. No one likes hard sell sales.

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