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Hi, I’m back for a short update before i rush off for work.

Once again, apologies for lack of updates. In case you are not following me on instagram, you may wanna follow me (@paperger) for first hand updates.

I’m on FHM July’s issue, 8 page coverage.. It is now AVAILABLE in stores, do support me by purchasing it :)


Again, I’ve received email and comment on Instagram follower, requesting me to update this site.

Thank you for all your support. You guys kept me going!

It’s really hard for me to maintain this site with my irregular schedule and lack of discipline *feeling guilty*

  1. So what have i been up to?

Here’s the awesome news!

I HAVE GRADUATED! Yes, I’m finally done with studies after the long pause.

2. Are you still with James?

Nope. I was unhappy, so what’s the point of hanging onto another cheating bf? Worse of all, he wasn’t even honest from the beginning of relationship. And of course, there are much more to it (it’s gonna take me 30mins to share and I’m not gonna waste that amt of time on unworthy man). I’m aware that he have twisted stories and lied to everyone around him. Whatever it is, i don’t give a damn because pictures, text messages and voice messages don’t lie. You know what you did and that’s enough.

Anyway, that relationship was the toughest so far and it was a BIG lesson.

People may look very good and angelic but have rotten personality. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

Most importantly, I’m so much happier now :)


Okay, time’s up!

I’ll be back for more updates!



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Can’t remember when was the last time logging in my blogsite.

Just a short update from me :)

I’ve regained my freedom (not sure if it’s temporarily freedom or permanent freedom, depending on my grades).

And my gfs and I just got back from a short Taipei trip last night.

The good news is, I will be updating this space more frequently


Going red again..

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Hey guys! I’m finally done with my papers for NOW..

 2 more assignments + 2 exam papers to clear before I’m officially FREE.

Lately, I’ve been very irritated by my messy hair because I haven’t visit my regular salon for.. 3 months+!

Did i mentioned that my grandpa left us on 1st of Dec? And it’s a Chinese family thing.. that the descendants are not allowed to cut hair and wear bright coloured clothings for 49 or 100 days to show respect or something. Er… don’t ask me why, I’m not too sure.

Since the day, I’ve gotten sponsorship for hair, it’s a MUST to pop by every 1-2months! Especially for short hair, as requires more maintenance to keep it in shape. So I needed a hair fix desperately and booked an appointment right after 49th day and exams!

It was GREAT to be there!


Buay tahan my dry hair! The copper shade has faded off and the ugly roots- everyday bad hair day.

Other than great service by friendly staff, comfy & great ambiance… I look better after each visit!


 Relaxing head massage with scalp treatment essence, relieving stress.


It gives minty cooling feeling and it smells so good! I love head massage most!


With my trusted stylist! :) She’s always so cute and sweet! Now we have similar hair style.




FYI, it is combination of 3 different shades. Ash brown at the bottom, the patches of red (on left and right in middle portion) and copper brown on top :) So my hair colour looks different always, depending on how i style it and where’s the hair parting.

If i want it to brown, i keep my parting to centre.

If i want it to be red, i do side parting :)

Lastly, I must thank Salon Runway for giving me taking care of my hair, it has saved me a lot of headaches and hassle.

I used to think that.. nevermind lah! No need to spend so much on hair.. and I was wrong, I’ve learned the hard way after cheap and unskilled stylist screwed up my hair right before special occasions and I was too ashamed to go out.


Simply quote “HUIRONG” when you pop by SALON RUNWAY and enjoy a 15% off  on any hair services!

9 Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

and give them a call to fix an appointment at Tel: 6837 8178

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