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Happy new year everyone!

How was your Christmas and Chinese new year so far?

Hope that all of you have been well :)

It was the first Christmas and new year that I didn’t enjoy. My mum’s birthday falls on Christmas eve, hence Christmas is suppose to be a happy/joyous occasion for my family. It feels odd that my dad is no longer around, it’s really hard to accept fact.

I’ve never ever felt so much pain in my life. I’ve always been portraying a strong front but I’m really not that strong. Been super emotional because I miss him very much (I’m sure it’s the same for my siblings and my mum). Memories of him came flooding me and it’s impossible to control my tears; especially for a cry baby (been crying while writing recent entries). Not everyone understands how it feels to lose their parent/ love ones. To be very honest, I NEVER understand how painful it is until my dad left us.

I must have freaked out the taxi driver who drove me back home on the very day. Mum called me from ChiangMai and from her voice, i knew that it wasn’t good news. I was in shock and burst out crying. Followed by calling my siblings and sis in law one by one. Trust me, it’s goddamn difficult to calm myself down and hold my tears back in order for them to hear me clearly. Upon hearing the piece of bad news, everyone uncontrollably cry over the phone

The few days in Chiang Mai with my family was the first time all of us cry together everyday and that’s the toughest period for us so far.

Suddenly, all the pain from “boyfriend cheating”, “girlfriend backstabbing”, haters and etc, become nothing.

It’s a pity that dad doesn’t take much pictures with us.

People like happy people in general and the reason why I’ve not been updating since the last post is because I find it difficult to blog nowadays because I’m in a state whereby, I can no longer bring smiles to people. Too emotional and prefer to be home.

2015 is the most boring CNY for my family and myself. It feels odd to have reunion dinner with dad and we have no mood for festive seasons. I hope things will get better. In fact, I’ve decided to skip graduation ceremony since he cant be there.

Dad, you are the most amazing man I’ve known and I’m very proud of you

I’ll be brave and do you proud.

Thank you



My papa

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This is definitely the toughest entry to write. I’ve got no idea where to start this entry.

In summary, my Dad passed away suddenly during his holiday trip. It’s very hard to believe it because he was perfectly okay on the very day before heart attack strike suddenly. No last words nothing… Everything was too sudden.

The last time I saw him was on my birthday (1 week before he left us) over family dinner.

It was difficult for my family and I to accept the fact that he left us so suddenly.

My siblings and I went through 8 nights of minimal sleep, handled paperwork with various embassies and etc, claimed dad’s body back, set up funeral wake and much more to ensure that everything falls in place during the wake. All of us were exhausted and at the same time… worried about our finance and many other factors.


As the eldest at home, dad came over to Singapore at the age of 13 to work and support his family. He started off with nothing, took up 2-3 jobs a day… he was a very thrifty man, always save $$$ on himself. 50 years of handwork for his family without any complain.

To be honest, I didn’t spend much time with family because I’m always not home, busy with studies, working and etc.

There are so many things that I wanna do for him and say to him,  it’s a pity that I didn’t get to deliver them.

I feel really bad. I’m sorry dad.

We wish that we have more time with him so repay everything he has gave us.

My heart aches whenever i think of him, he will always be the man i love and respect. Its very painful to lose the one who loves us unconditionally.


Papa, it has been a month, we hope you that you are well.

We miss you very much.

We will take care of Ma, RIP

Please cherish the time you have with your love ones. You will never know how much time you have with them.


Help needed

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Just wondering…

Is there any kind reader out there who’s good with website layout/ blog layout?

If you happen to be good at it and you don’t mind sparing some time to help me out, please email me okay?

Thank you!

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