Ukelele Beginner Course Completed!

That 3 months had been so fulfilling. Not wanting to break my own promise to learn something by this year, I signed up for a beginner class for Ukulele few months ago with a friend. I was never happier. I found ourselves a great school with very affordable fees! More affordable than other schools that I checked out! Although I somehow play the ukulele since the end of 2014, I still propelled myself to go for this music course because I thought I ought to do better. You can read up more here.


Taken on the last lesson. Thank you all for the enjoyable sessions!

Learnt some easy, beautiful pieces and techniques. I have to admit weeks passed since the last lesson and I have yet touched my ukuleles! #GUILTSTRICKEN

I need to manage my time better!

Check out the short video of S & me playing “Right Here Waiting” below.

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