Facial & Massage Promotion

Do you know that besides blogging & seemingly hanging around doing nothing (lol), Herine (that’s me!) is also certified & experienced in giving facial treatments and massage?

If you look over here ————>>>

Yes yes, that’s my pretty logo done by Viv – Herine Beauty.


Less than 2 months ago, I decided to go all out to pursue my passion again (post here).

I am not aiming for super big things. In fact, I am happy when my hands make you pretty or happy.

I work very hard to earn every single penny. And I also try my best to give you the most out of what you will pay for.

DON’T get me wrong. No way am I operating a sleazy business & NEITHER am I gonna hard-sell anyone of you.

Perhaps, I would just try to persuade you to check out my page over HERE?

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Doing What I Like – Work With My Hands

Herine – Face & Body


 In year 2007, I graduated with a CIBTAC Diploma in Beauty Aesthetics Treatment & another Diploma in Photography Makeup. I worked for a few beauty salons then and have always preferred doing facial and massage over makeup. That’s where I veered towards. I guess maybe I’m really quite a “fingers” than “brushes” person? Heh.

It has been years of procrastinating to be my own beauty service provider. I’ve always wanted to set up a home salon, however, the lack of space/room in my house forbids me to do so. House visits are not the most ideal (especially for facials) as I think that in order for a customer to enjoy his/her beauty or body treatment, he/she must be on a proper bed in a room with the basic necessities.

Thanks to C who found out that J’adore, a hair & nails salon is renting out their small room that has been left empty & unused, I’ve decided to provide my services there! The location is really good and convenient for me. Many coffeeshops around there as well, I promise.

Blk 825 Tampines Street 81 #01-62 Singapore 520825

And there you go, my very first Facebook page! I have not even created any page for my blog in the last few years that I’ve been blogging so this page is gonna be for my beauty services, as well as another platform for me to share any beauty or wellness related posts.


Give me a “like”? <3

Body massage is available! Facial is temporary not available. What’s gonna go onto your faces is of extreme importance to me so gimme some time to sort this out!

All pricing is on the page itself. For appointment booking, kindly PM me on the FB page or whatsapp/sms me if you have my number. Only advance booking. 😉

I really hope this works out. Wish me luck & please show me your support!