My Muscles & Nerves Supplement: DOM Gel

When I was young, I saw old people pounding parts of their bodies while giving a pained look. I couldn’t understand why would they have pain in their body since I didn’t felt the same.

I couldn’t understand why my grandmother used to bang her foot on the wall and whined away, keeping everyone up sleepless at nights.

Low-Back-PainAs we grown into adults, we find that our bodies are not as “knot-free” as it was. Adulthood spells P.A.I.N for many of us.

Of course, I am not spared.

We don’t have to be as old as 40 or 50 to feel the pain. Pain is greatly contributed by work (oops, but it’s impossible to be work-free), sitting at the work desk in the wrong posture or even sleeping in a posture that does not align the body rightly.

Other than going for remedial treatments and work-out, I also use application products. I am being sponsored Meditrina’s Deep Ocean Mineral Gel and do scroll on for details and my review after 2 months of use.

DOM Gel-01What is Deep Ocean Mineral Gel?

DOM® Gel (Deep Ocean Mineral Gel) is a macro mineral and botanical approach to muscle relief by using transdermal delivery system; a method of delivering nutrients to the body through the skin, the largest organ of the body.

DOM® Gel is formulated with the highest concentration of ionized Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) concentrate to be used as a self-application or massage gel, to relieve muscle aches, cramps and pains.

It also helps to maintain proper muscle function and calm overactive nerves.


Key Ingredients and Benefits
Ionized DOM Concentrate (Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Sulphate): Reduce symptoms from conditions such as chronic muscle aches, pains and tension.

Butchers Broom: Helps to reduce edema, water retention and muscle fatigue.

Centella: Eases inflammation, improves micro circulation and appearance varicose veins.

English Marigold: Soothes inflammation and reduce muscle spasms.

Panthenol: A provitamin of B5, helps to smooth and hydrate the skin.



It’s in gel form, hence it’s an excellent massage medium that not only glides but also delivers ‘nutrients’ to the muscles and nerves and is recommended for Wellness Service Providers.

For homecare:  Just apply the desired amount and rub into the localized area thoroughly. Repeat application a few times a day on the areas that need more attention.

Who else can use?

Anyone with chronic muscle fatigue, tensed muscles, edema and other muscle tissue conditions. Deep Ocean Mineral Gel is also recommended for athletes and sportsmen for increased athletic performance and to recover from sports injury.

Note: DOM® Gel is designed to stay on the skin and may feel a little oily on the skin. This is attributed to the deep ocean minerals when dissolved in water at high concentrations.

My review:

DOM® Gel is a muscle relief ‘supplement’ formulated to treat the muscles in long-run. It does not relieve pain immediately, but gradually instead; and because of the transdermal delivery technology, the fine ingredients are able to penetrate into the body better.

I used it both ways – during my MTM Therapy massage and also at home or in the office when I feel weird or achy in the neck or back. When I go for my massage therapy, instead of normal massage oil that doesn’t benefit my body in any way, my therapist will alternate Ageless Herbal Cream and DOM® Gel on me.

It’s a little sticky so I gotta make sure the product dries off before I let go of my clothing if I’m applying it myself. Other than that, I do love the effects it has on me. Remember my kidney infection the other time? It gave me quite a fair bit of waist-ache and I always apply this gel on the area, it did feel better!

For chronic pains and to relieve pain instantly, I use another 2 products instead. Will share in another post again!IMG_4421.JPGPhoto taken at Hygeia when I went for my MTM Therapy. Do you understand what it means?

DOM® Gel retails at SGD$48.00 on

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