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Why I am Careful in Choosing My Sun Protection Product

Not all UV filters are safe and/or effective! All I knew was as long as I apply my filters religiously – be it chemical or physical ones, I was safe. I was so disciplined that I applied even when I worked from home. I’ve reviewed countless sun protection products and each time I wrote, I […]

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Who Killed The Sun?

How many steps are there in your typical skincare routine? For me, when I get really lazy, it’s toner & sleeping mask (night-time) so that makes 2 steps. Most times, it will be a 4-7 steps. Out of this 7 steps, 6 steps belong to the toning, moisturizing and nourishing of the skin and sunblock […]

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What’s In My Black Box?

In January, I introduced Black Box, a new sampling box in Singapore , and after much anticipation, my box finally came! My friends who used my redemption code have also received theirs! Everyone loves surprises & best, it’s free! Would the content be as mysterious as the box suggests?

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Bionike Defence B-Lucent

As I am aging gracefully, it is natural to see more introductions of anti-ageing products/procedures on this blog. ;-p Bionike Defence B-Lucent is a new, gentle and effective anti dark spot treatment.   I suppose I must thank God that I haven’t have any pigmentation problem but I found one or two moles which weren’t there […]

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Wax XXX – Xtra Strong Xtra Smooth Xtra Soft

{Note: Please get to the end of the post for treats & giveaway details!} My arms are so hairy that sometimes they get tangled up! Also, being too hairy makes a person looks darker than he/she is. Is that why men who sport moustache/beard are usually describe as rugged? (excluding those who trimmed to nice […]

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