Eyebrow Embroidery at Hair Republic

Hello Kitty fans ALERT!!

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows re-embroidered for the longest time after the old embroidery faded off & I was glad when Hair Republic contacted me for this collaboration. The blogger bff, Vivienne, went along to try out their eyelash extension. 

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Dark Tone Granny Hair


I came back from Taipei with a new inch of dark roots & out-of-shape hair. I wanted to color it dark & have a quick trim but before I know it, I have allowed my hair to be shaved! Thanks to the weather! ;-p

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Soft Rebonding Before My Taiwan Trip!

Run away, crazy curly hair!

The last thing on my list is having a headful of unmanageable hair & taking photos with that as memory when I am in Taiwan! I scheduled in a rebonding session at Modern Style Salon!

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My Temporary Purple Hair

Purples in my hair are always short-lived! Despite this sad fact, I couldn’t resist going full head purple since I have bleached hair now.

My hairstylist Tonny suggested not to dye purple.

Now, are you wondering where I got the purple from?

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Nose Filler Injection at CSK


It’s no secret that I dislike my bulbous nose so much like how I dislike my room to be untidy (thanks to my OCD) but I just don’t have the courage to go under the knife to modify my nose for good.

GetAttachment.aspxIt was my absolute pleasure when MFP told me that I will be sponsored nose fillers at CSK Aesthetics Clinic. I specially took half-day leave to head the Scotts Medical Center branch  (Pacific Plaza) to meet up with Dr Shiau Ee Leng.

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