BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence & Strips


I don’t mind bitter Chinese medicine, but I am extremely fussy about the taste of my consumable collagen. If it’s fishy, I might consider feeding it to my cat instead (ok, I’m kidding).

To find a collagen product that tastes good and has the finest ingredients, don’t count on those that are selling so cheap like apples from the supermarket. Collagen is expensive. To make collagen is expensive.

products group-01I purchased BRANDS® InnerShine® Ruby Collagen Essence & Strip from their e-store because I had tried a box of the collagen jelly strips before & man… it’s so super yummy! #NotExaggeratingJustCosItsAdvert

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My Hair Ritual

My hair went from this, to this. Tonny told me that some readers asked why I dyed my hair dark ash grey the last round, but well, you guys didn’t know that 2 weeks after that session, it was the granniest kind of grey ever. Cool! But of course, it didn’t stay past a month since my base was blond and I don’t have healthy hair.

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Eyebrow Embroidery at Hair Republic

Hello Kitty fans ALERT!!

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows re-embroidered for the longest time after the old embroidery faded off & I was glad when Hair Republic contacted me for this collaboration. The blogger bff, Vivienne, went along to try out their eyelash extension. 

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Dark Tone Granny Hair


I came back from Taipei with a new inch of dark roots & out-of-shape hair. I wanted to color it dark & have a quick trim but before I know it, I have allowed my hair to be shaved! Thanks to the weather! ;-p

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