Who Needs Rebonding if There’s Mucota Dyna Treatment?

When I reviewed Mucota hair products 3 years ago, I told myself that I NEED to try out this Mucota Dyna Treatment. My two previous hair sponsors didn’t carry the range, it was with regret that I subjected my hair to the chemicals of the rebonding treatment. Not that I can complain since my mob of curly hair really needs to be straightened!

Anyway, I finally got to experience the goodness this Dyna Treatment can do to my curly, dry and brittle hair at Headlines by Artistry! My red highlights done during the last visit has faded to almost nothing and as much as I want to sport a head-turning color, my hairstylist, Elein will give real, good advice to treat the hair first and not damage it further.

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New Hair Sponsor: Headlines by Artistry

Hello! It feels like it has been the LONGEST time since my last proper hair session! Whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I spot every millimeter that is out of place! Is this considered OCD?

Introducing my new hair sponsor – HEADLINES by Artistry! I settled down on a collaboration with them because of the location, products/quality vs price and I think my friends and readers will really like this place! Of course, there is more savings for you when you quote my name! 😉

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bSoul Facial Treatment at Fann Beauty Wellness

In the previous post, I blogged about my MTM (Meridians Tissue Manipulation) Therapy at Fann Beauty Wellness with Melva.

After the body therapy, I went on for a face session that DOES NOT REQUIRE EXTRACTION! I appreciate this because my skin has been stressed out by stress lately, hence I didn’t want to put unnecessary pressure to it anymore. Haha, do I make sense? However, people would naturally think how can a face be cleaned WITHOUT extraction? That’s how special bSoul is. (I will share with you the logic behind this in another post next time!)

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MTM Therapy at Fann Beauty Wellness

Wow! Can you believe it’s the end of the year already?!

This is the time when we consumers get busy buying gifts for our family and friends; the time when we sales & marketing people maxed out our saliva and creativity juices. What’s most needed for this period is to get my body and head un-knotted and my muscles to loosen up a whole lot.

Together with my new blogger buddy Melva, we booked a ‘recuperating’ afternoon at Fann Beauty Wellness for our MTM (Meridians Tissue Manipulation) Therapy and bSoul Hydra-Young Face Treatment (in a later post).

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