Philips Kingsley Scalp & Hair Treatment

Yo! I’m back to introduce a new treatment that I recently did for my tiny mob of hair!

IMG_4769.JPGWith a hair sponsor so near to my den, it’s no surprise that you see me running monthly visits for my hair vanity treat!

For January, I am keeping it simple  & healthy – a rebonding touch-up for the roots, a quick trim and a new scalp & hair treatment at Modern Style Hair Salon.

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Beauty & Wellness Boost: Biocode Brightening Beverage

When I heard that a box of Biocode Brightening Beverage (10 bottles) is selling for SGD$180, I went: “What collagen drink demands such a price?!”


Meditrina sponsored me a month’s supply of this beverage, I gladly took it up (coz it’s worth $540 lol & I read about the goodness of the ingredients) and set off on a mission to discover why is Biocode Brightening Beverage not a typical beauty whitening drink.

Fact: I just kinda became over-concerned and extra careful with my health after June’s hospital episode.

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Ash Colored Hair

I really love the purple hair I did in October. The only sad thing is that it didn’t last me over a week as my hair is very thin and weak. Thus, this time I decided I should just go back to darker hair color so that it will look slightly healthier.


No matter what color I did, it always will fade to something really light! #LikeAFakeAngMoh

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Purple Pixie Hair

I love purple & I love a pixie cut!

herine purple

Modern Style Salon price list:

  • Hair Cut – $20 to $38
  • Hair Wash – $18 to $28
  • Hair Treatment – $68 to $108
  • Scalp Treatment – $98
  • Hair Color – $68 to $108
  • Highlight/Lowlight – $68 to $98
  • Soft Rebonding – $88 to $158
  • Digital Perm – $98 to $188
  • Cold Perm – $68 to $88

20% Promo code: “MFPHerine

Address: 5 Tampines Central 6, #01-10 Telepark, Singapore 529482
Operating Hours: 10:30am to 8:30pm (Mon – Fri); 10:30am to 7pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holiday)
Contact: 6789 9366

Click HERE to link to their Facebook Page!