I Drink Good Water

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It’s hard for people to love drinking plain water. But I am one of the few who adores my water like it’s the essence of life. I drink so much that whenever I go over to my grandma’s or best friend’s house, they gotta boil a new kettle of water just for me.

Few months ago, I came across this particular water brand and have been drinking it daily ever since.


Hasbo Deep Ocean Water has a unique mineral composition that is strikingly similar to the human body. Providing over 80 minerals that your body cannot produce, Deep Ocean Water offers our bodies a much better balance of minerals than fruits and vegetables, as it provides over 80 minerals that our bodies can’t produce!


  • Manage High Cholesterol and Triglycerides
  • Regulate High Blood Pressure
  • Manage Diabetes
  • Decrease Risk of Osteoporosis
  • Promote Good Health
  • Weight loss & Managing Obesity
  • Decrease Risk of Heart Diseases
  • Reduce Frequency & Attacks of Gout
  • Reduce Frequency & Attacks of Migraines
  • Reduce Severity of Menstrual Pains
  • Alleviating Symptoms of Menopause
  • Improved Sexual Health
  • Improve Bowel Movements
  • Regulation of Metabolism

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Hasbo Water can taste different for everyone. Initially I thought it tasted weird but the more I drink, the “sweeter” it gets! At times when I fall sick, it will taste tasting a little bitter or fishy again.

Taste Reactions & Reasons:

  • Bitter: Dysfunction of Liver & Gall Bladder
  • Sour: Exhaustion of Heart & Small Intestine
  • Fishy: Strain Kidney & Bladder Ailments
  • Tart/Astringency: Deterioration of Spleen, Stomach, Intestine & Lungs
  • Nausea: Weak Nervous System & Physique
  • Sweet: Well Balanced & Healthy

I usually buy a few cartons for myself to put in the office & at the gf’s house. The water costs $4.50 per bottle, a little heart-pain but for the sake of health, I’m willing to spend the money! Just avoid other canned drinks when I go for lunch or dinner!

They are running a promotion now: $48 for a carton of 12 bottles (600ml each).

If you are keen, you can purchase it on their website: http://www.hasbo.com.sg/cart

bSoul: Nature For My Skin’s Needs

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This must be the longest period of time I take to test out products before I do the review officially! I wanna be really sure, you see. I’ve been ‘promoting’ this particular skincare range on my Facebook and also here (mini giveaway, comment if you haven’t!))


A certified natural skincare from Tuscany, Italy.

bSoul skincare range promises to help our skin work better than it had. It focuses on the physiological normalisation of the skin, something that we have never heard of probably.

What we should know is that if we allow our skin to, it can function much more and better than we know; provided we stop piling synthetic products and chemicals onto our faces.

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Achieving Holistic Wellness with Meditrina

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Other than keeping up with external factors, exercise and having a healthy lifestyle to maintain youth and appearance, what else can I do to radiate beauty from within?

I found a brand and its products that may just contribute to this.


Meditrina by Hap Global is a local natural healing company dedicated to designing integrated natural healing regimes and herbal solutions to restore good health, youth and energy to their customers. Their vision is to create an ageless living, a quality of life that is free of aches and pain where only beauty, joy and youthful energy are in abundance, for mankind.

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Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil‏

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I love essential oils! In my little beauty room at Herine Beauty- Face & Body, I often dab some essential oil on the bedsheet, or put it in a burner. It makes big difference to the mood!

I feel really happy if my facial/massage clients complimented that my room smells so nice! ;-)

I recently tried out these travel-friendly essential oil rollers from Tree by Three. I love roll-ons! No burning is needed, it’s so convenient!


What I have here: Relief Premium formula, Relief, Anti-Itch & Insect Repellent

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Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cell E Mask

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This beautician, Herine Ang is such a lazy and dunno-busy-with-what-s**t de woman!

I neglected my skin for a few weeks without masking! TSSKK! So I went to my mask stash & dig out this box of DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask from Neogence! I received it from the dedicated Taiwan Neogence team during my Taipei Beauty Trip in December 2013!


 Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask (US$38.70)

I am the kind of person who is always sitting in front of the computer when I am at home – checking emails, editing photos, drafting blog posts etc… Hence, I don’t like to mask especially if there’s no ear-hooks to secure the mask in place. This Neogence DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask does not have any “hooks” but I am extremely amazed at how well the mask holds!!

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