ClearSK Award-Winning 3D V-Face Shaper


It is no secret that I am a huge eater and I love a fit, gorgeous bod and face, all at the same time. However, I can’t avoid age and fats! After I turned 30, I received a bundle package of wisdom & LOSS OF ELASTICITY.

Other than working out, keeping a as-healthy-diet-as-possible (which is not so easy since I’m a glutton), I also look out for facial techniques to lift and tighten my face and skin.

CLEARSKI came across Harper’s Bazaars’ 2015 Best Express Lifting Facial: ClearSK 3D V-Face Shaper

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Facial Treatments Should Be Categorized Like This


You know there’s so many different types of facial treatments offered by Aesthetic clinics and beauty salons out there that sometimes it is confusing for a person with no beauty knowledge to understand the difference or what machines are being used. Sometimes, even I myself got a lil confused especially if they have fanciful or overly-technological names.

So I decided to come up with 4 easy categories that we can relate to!

1) The Touch & Go


Certain counter brands have a small facial space with maybe a bed or two to let their consumers experience a facial. Their main purpose is usually to perform & showcase their products’ effects so that it can boost their counter sales their customers can try out for themselves how good the products are or if they really like it.

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The Spa-Lon ATP-38 series

Recently, I had the chance to try out The Spa Lon’s signature ATP-38 treatment at their Tiong Bahru outlet.

 photo spalon_zpscb59bbaf.jpg

ATP-38 treatment takes about 1.5hours and consist of 5 steps. Different wavelengths of light are applied to the skin; powerful, yet completely natural with no side effects. The energy of natural light stimulates the skin on a cellular level, vastly increasing oxygen, collagen and elastin production.

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Facial & Massage Promotion

Do you know that besides blogging & seemingly hanging around doing nothing (lol), Herine (that’s me!) is also certified & experienced in giving facial treatments and massage?

If you look over here ————>>>

Yes yes, that’s my pretty logo done by Viv – Herine Beauty.


Less than 2 months ago, I decided to go all out to pursue my passion again (post here).

I am not aiming for super big things. In fact, I am happy when my hands make you pretty or happy.

I work very hard to earn every single penny. And I also try my best to give you the most out of what you will pay for.

DON’T get me wrong. No way am I operating a sleazy business & NEITHER am I gonna hard-sell anyone of you.

Perhaps, I would just try to persuade you to check out my page over HERE?

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24K Golden Pulse Beauty T-Bar

 Japan sure has got many “Best NO.1” products!

 If you are following me on Instagram (@Herine_Ang), you would have already seen my purchase of 4 of this beauty bar. ;-D


I was sold after I watched the video!

Popular Beauty Product in Japan & Taiwan ★
★Eliminate Eye Bags, Restore Skin Radiance, Firmness & Elasticity★