WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Dark Eye Circle Tool

I have a big thing for eye products, or anything that promises to reduce my horribly dark dark circles, lines, wrinkles & age. I don’t go around buying tons of eye gels & creams though. I usually own 1-2 eye products at a time & make sure I diligently apply it twice daily.


Beauty Direct kindly sent over this White Label Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Dark Eye Circle Tool for me to try! *Yay!

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Current Makeup Products


It has been a busy week for me with all the events (blogging & non-blogging) going on! How’s your year end going??

This is gonna be a quick post to show you what makeup products I am using and like at the moment. 😉

Smoky Copper Palette from The Body Shop (retail price: $39.90) that I received during the winter trend makeup workshop I attended 2 weeks ago & Dasoda SJ liquid eyeliner (retail price: $19.90 at Sasa)!

I just love the neutral & metallic shades that can be natural & yet glamorous depending on how you build up the eyeshadows! Another favorite is also the thin, mild cat-eye look created with Dasoda eyeliner that is so fine & lasting, but easy to remove as it is free of coal-tar colorants!

By the way, will you vote for me for the “most Stylish Blogger” held by The Body Shop HERE? I know it wasn’t the best that I did (for makeup) & I will try to do better! Thank you in advance! <3 <3 <3

Saw some trend on Facebook (think from the koreans) & from Charlotte’s blog that they are intentionally creating this kind of eyebags! Gosh, I don’t understand really. I try so hard to remove them by using photo-editing app on my phone! The photo above is non-edited. I dislike my uneven eyebags! Gonna do more lymph drainage massage on the eyes!

Do you have eyebags too? If yes, are you using anything to help reduce the appearance of it??

BRTC MULTI Vital 10 System Line

Other than all the BRTC stemcell masks & BB creams, I also got to try out their skincare range!

Multi Vital 10 System Line is the whitening range that helps dull skin tone with its 10% of various vitamin complexes (vitamin B5, E, F and B3) which are effective for a brighter and illuminated skin.

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Hada Labo NEW Nano Formula

New ‘Nano’ Super Hyaluronic Acid in Hada Labo boosts its hydration power, and now enables full and thorough hydration from skin surface to deep within.

Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion & Hada Labo Eye Cream came just in time as I just finished my bottle of Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion. (review here)


1/20 the size of the normal hyaluronic acid, the new ‘Nano’ hyaluronic acid molecule helps to penetrate deep within the skin. With the other two hyaluronic acid, ‘Normal’ and ‘Super’, this new formula seems even more promising! say goodbye to poorly-hydrated, tired skin!


Molecules spreading their happiness to your skin! ;-p

Times when the skin feels tight from the envirmonment & washing, Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion comes in handy (or rather, needy). Just applying this lotion (toner as you call it) already soothes my dehydrated skin & it manages to make the appearance of peeling skin better! I am using it day & night, and loving how soft it makes my face feels.

Hada Labo Eye Cream is pH balanced with no animal derivatives, fragrance, mineral oil, alcohol nor colorant. Gentle enough even for sensitive skin.


I really like the Hada Labo Eye Cream’s moisturizing effect. Despite being a cream-based product, it doesn’t feel heavy on the delicate eyes area as it “melts” into the skin upon light massage.

After effect? The eyes look fresh & youthful. Makeup glides on easier too. 😉

After a light-weight moisturizer, I finish off with Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++ to ward off the sun’s harmful UV rays. (read review here)

Do “like” Hada Labo Facebook page (www.fb.com/hadalabosg) to redeem a sample of the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Lotion!

The Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream (15g) is available at all Watsons nationwide at $21.90.

Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada Skin Care

Japanese women are known for their fair and radiant skin and Hadatuko has created a line especially for Asian women to maintain skin’s natural youthful state.

I have been using 3 products from the Hadatuko Kinushiro Hada Skin Care Series for a month, and so far they have served me well and it’s time to introduce them!


This series is designed for the more mature ladies and fortified with luxurious active ingredients which offers groundbreaking performance in quenching skin’s thirst, improving fine lines and elasticity. I am old yes, but not that old. A woman should start her intensive skincare regime once she hits 25. (unless she is blessed with great skin)


From left to right: Kinushiro Hada Lifting CreamKinushiro Hada Lifting EssenceKinushiro Hada Lifting Eye Cream.

Pretty much the essentials of my skincare regimen!

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