The Girlfriend’s Obsession with Naked Palettes

My girlfriend is obsessed with buying Urban Decay Naked Palettes for me. Every time we passes by Sephora, I gotta stop her from going into the store in case she decides to splurge on the newer Naked Smoky palette for me.

Weird, isn’t it? It should be the other way round hahaha! I love the eyeshadows of course, but I didn’t see the necessity of owning more than the Naked3 she gotten me last year as I do not apply makeup as often as I did in the past.

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Animal Character Masks – Yay or Nay?

LG_Faceshop_maskpack_1Image source

There has been an uproar trend on the animal character masks for the last few months. I’ve seen reviews and social media posts and I was intrigued. Masking got less boring when users put on animal masks and have the opportunities to take a few selfies. It’s definitely instagram-worthy and super cute!

But…. do you know what are you putting onto your face?

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My Beauty Journey

This is not exactly the beauty journey kinda post you might be expecting.

The other day, when I was being forced to clear my old stuff from the cabinet (Note: I am quite neat already, my Mom’s OCD is worse than me), I had a short thrill going through some of my old notes from my beauty school in the past.

My diplomas in Aesthetics & Makeup

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BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence & Strips


I don’t mind bitter Chinese medicine, but I am extremely fussy about the taste of my consumable collagen. If it’s fishy, I might consider feeding it to my cat instead (ok, I’m kidding).

To find a collagen product that tastes good and has the finest ingredients, don’t count on those that are selling so cheap like apples from the supermarket. Collagen is expensive. To make collagen is expensive.

products group-01I purchased BRANDS® InnerShine® Ruby Collagen Essence & Strip from their e-store because I had tried a box of the collagen jelly strips before & man… it’s so super yummy! #NotExaggeratingJustCosItsAdvert

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Batisste Dry Shampoo

I cannot stand not washing my hair daily. I have oily scalp & I wash my hair 1-2 times a day. My hair is dry, so it contradicts with the very regular washing. The morning shampoo-ings & blow-drys also took up a good 30 minutes of my precious time (meant for more sleep)… until I was introduced to Batisste Dry Shampoo by the blogger bff, Viv.

My repeated purchase!

This time I ordered 4 bottles at a time cos I think I used up one bottle a month haha.

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