I Can Be A Virtual Aesthetics Doctor!

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Aesthetics Hub has 2 new features on their website that I played around with & thought it’s pretty interesting so I’m gonna share with you here! ;-)

I tried out virtual aesthetics with Face Touch Up, an online app on the site that allows you to upload your photo & try “modifying” your jaw, chin or nose to have an idea how would you look like should you go for Aesthetic enhancements or, plastic surgery.


I used a pre-edited photo and enhanced my jaw a lil more sharper, as well as reducing my fleshy nose. The difference is not big here but check out my chin!

I then uploaded another older photo to have a feel of more modifications!

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Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cell E Mask

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This beautician, Herine Ang is such a lazy and dunno-busy-with-what-s**t de woman!

I neglected my skin for a few weeks without masking! TSSKK! So I went to my mask stash & dig out this box of DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose mask from Neogence! I received it from the dedicated Taiwan Neogence team during my Taipei Beauty Trip in December 2013!


 Neogence Ha DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask (US$38.70)

I am the kind of person who is always sitting in front of the computer when I am at home – checking emails, editing photos, drafting blog posts etc… Hence, I don’t like to mask especially if there’s no ear-hooks to secure the mask in place. This Neogence DNA Anti-Wrinkle Bio-cellulose Mask does not have any “hooks” but I am extremely amazed at how well the mask holds!!

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Facial Treatments Should Be Categorized Like This

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You know there’s so many different types of facial treatments offered by Aesthetic clinics and beauty salons out there that sometimes it is confusing for a person with no beauty knowledge to understand the difference or what machines are being used. Sometimes, even I myself got a lil confused especially if they have fanciful or overly-technological names.

So I decided to come up with 4 easy categories that we can relate to!

1) The Touch & Go


Certain counter brands have a small facial space with maybe a bed or two to let their consumers experience a facial. Their main purpose is usually to perform & showcase their products’ effects so that it can boost their counter sales their customers can try out for themselves how good the products are or if they really like it.

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My Recent Online Buys

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I was tempted to try this waxing travel kit after I read Rusty’s post on it. Can’t believe stuff on this website iHerb.com is so cheap!

 photo CIMG0855_zps23adbc7c.jpg

Moom Organic Hair Remover Face/Travel Kit, $4.77 (around S$6.10)

Ideal for face and travel, this unique all-in-one organic formula is designed to pamper and to take care of the delicate skin of your face while removing the entire hair with the root.

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My Infatuation with Pixie Hair!

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After the last snip-off at Salon De Choix, I thought I wouldn’t be going any shorter but man, I was so wrong! I just couldn’t keep myself off the scissors! ;-p

 photo IMG_4301_zps9a30aadb.jpg

In less than 2 months, my bangs grew long enough to stand on my eyelashes so I needed a trim!

You may think why must I have bangs? Well, I wish I can sport side-swept fringe or comb-back styles…. but they hardly look flattering for my wide forehead. Anyway, got bangs can sometimes act cute a bit! *LMAO*

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