Beauty & Wellness Boost: Biocode Brightening Beverage

When I heard that a box of Biocode Brightening Beverage (10 bottles) is selling for SGD$180, I went: “What collagen drink demands such a price?!”


Meditrina sponsored me a month’s supply of this beverage, I gladly took it up (coz it’s worth $540 lol & I read about the goodness of the ingredients) and set off on a mission to discover why is Biocode Brightening Beverage not a typical beauty whitening drink.

Fact: I just kinda became over-concerned and extra careful with my health after June’s hospital episode.

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Things about Beauty Salons That You Never Know

We all visit beauty salons and today I’m gonna let you in on some little secrets that not all of you may know.


It looks clean perhaps but mostly only changed after 3-6 facial customers or 2 massage customers. If you are lucky, you get a fresh one. 1/7 chance.

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bSoul: Nature For My Skin’s Needs

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This must be the longest period of time I take to test out products before I do the review officially! I wanna be really sure, you see. I’ve been ‘promoting’ this particular skincare range on my Facebook and also here (mini giveaway, comment if you haven’t!))


A certified natural skincare from Tuscany, Italy.

bSoul skincare range promises to help our skin work better than it had. It focuses on the physiological normalisation of the skin, something that we have never heard of probably.

What we should know is that if we allow our skin to, it can function much more and better than we know; provided we stop piling synthetic products and chemicals onto our faces.

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Introducing bsoul: Natural, Eco-friendly Skincare

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Couple of months ago, I came to learn more about this brand, bSoul, and more about Skin Physiological Normalization. That was also when I stopped accepting any more skincare reviews (Very selective. The ingredients in your products gotta pass my expectations first) after realizing the importance and the consequences of what a lot of ingredients in many products out there have been doing and possibly doing to my skin.


The range of bSoul skincare that I’m using.

Left to right: Hydra-milk Cleanser, Hydra-face Scrub 3Action, Hydra-Lift, Redness Sinergy, Hydra-comfort Face Cream & Hydra-Lip.

It is a fact that my skin has been deteriorating in all aspects – texture, tone, elasticity, pores and sensitivity. I would have credited most of these to age and at times, I simply brushed it aside thinking it was just a phase that my skin was going through since I tested so many products. But no more am I gonna try out too many products anymore!

I am officially giving my skin a break from all synthetic & skincare products that claim to be excellent but one look at the ingredients’ list, you just feel like smacking them right in the face!

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My Pink Hair!


I’m back with my hair for May! My bangs has grown so much since the last cut and before I made it for my hair session at Salon De Choix, I snipped the front off myself! Not too bad if you are not a hairstylist! ;-p


Of course, diying is NOT as good as visiting the professional! This is something that I can’t achieve myself!

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