Sumuji1970: Healthy Juice Bar in Isetan Orchard

Are you almost always thirsty like me? Yet while shopping, holding a drink or even drinking in department stores are not allowed.

Isetan at Orchard Shaw House has new concept of a healthy juice bar smacked right in front of the 2nd level’s cashier counter! This is ideal for me since I need my thirst to be quenched & in need of a healthy choice!

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Taipei Day 3: A Day of Sightseeing

*I need to download Taiwan’s Day 1 & 2 weather & upload into SG #PleaseStopBurningMe*

Since we are traveling in a group of 4 (with J’s Mom too), we dedicated the entire Day 3 to go sight-see. We had wanted to travel to Taichung to the Sinshe Lavender Farm & the flower Flower farm but decided against it. We ended up accepting a taxi driver’s “quotation” (which wasn’t exactly the cheapest), to bring us around Taipei for 8-9 hours.

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Eyebrow Embroidery at Hair Republic

Hello Kitty fans ALERT!!

I have been wanting to have my eyebrows re-embroidered for the longest time after the old embroidery faded off & I was glad when Hair Republic contacted me for this collaboration. The blogger bff, Vivienne, went along to try out their eyelash extension. 

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Taipei Day 1 & 2: Eat & Shop!

Day 1, let’s go!

In the early morning before I headed to Changi Airport, I couldn’t sleep a wink, not because I was too excited about the trip but due to the unmerciful weather in Singapore. My skin was literally burning from the heat & I was sure that I was going to have a fit and start foaming in the mouth. #NoJokeThisWeather

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My Favorite Eyebrow Pencil

I have sparse brows that require time & effort to trim it to shape because it doesn’t have the density & color to begin with. In year 2007, I got my first eyebrow embroidery done for only $100 by a homebased beautician/hairdresser. Once the embroidery faded, I started exploring the use of eyebrow pencils & powder (recent years). The use of a pen brush is the latest addition & I fell in love with it!

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