The Nasty Things My Ex-Boyfriend Did To Me

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Hi there. Those who have been reading this blog for some time would probably have not seen me dating any guys. But I did, many many years ago. Even though I no longer hate men, I do remember most of the nasty things they did.


Today, let me share with you this particular “ah beng” that I dated 12 years ago. A friend introduced this ah beng (who is his cousin) to me. He stayed in the east too and it was really convenient meeting up etc. He’s short, and I didn’t like very tall guys so it was fine.

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Beauty & Wellness Boost: Biocode Brightening Beverage

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When I heard that a box of Biocode Brightening Beverage (10 bottles) is selling for SGD$180, I went: “What collagen drink demands such a price?!”


Meditrina sponsored me a month’s supply of this beverage, I gladly took it up (coz it’s worth $540 lol & I read about the goodness of the ingredients) and set off on a mission to discover why is Biocode Brightening Beverage not a typical beauty whitening drink.

Fact: I just kinda became over-concerned and extra careful with my health after June’s hospital episode.

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小情歌 Ukulele Cover

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Hello! The gf & I did a cover on our first Mandarin song!

蘇打綠-小情歌 Ukulele cover

This version as compared to the first uploaded one on Facebook is revised after I youtubed & found out how to pluck the introduction.

Hope you like it! And do suggest me some easy songs to sing along with ukulele if you know!

Happy Monday!

I am weird in my own ways

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Hi there.

I have wrote about “What You May Not Know About Me” & I wanna add a few more to the list.

  • I must have a happy weekend in order to start my Monday fine.
  • I have super high expectations of myself as a person.
  • I need to do things morally right. (I try to)
  • If I do something that ain’t very kind, I’ll feel bad and sinful.
  • When I complain a lot, it means I didn’t want to hold it in or “revenge” in anyway.
  • I stop going to church, but I pray for God’s guidance. I dislike christians telling me that I should go church. I feel that by going, if I never do good things also no use lah.
  • I used to be very hot tempered, but as I age, I changed tremendously.
  • I have a super soft spot for helpless people, elderly and animals.
  • I get very affected by sad shows.
  • I don’t like people to touch my things/use my desk/sit on my chair or use my phone.
  • I don’t like it when people borrow my things and never put it back exactly like how I put it.

Jesus paid it all,
All to Him I owe.
Sin had left a crimson stain;
He washed it white as snow. —Hall

God knows us inside and out. No renovation project is too big for Him.

Ash Colored Hair

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I really love the purple hair I did in October. The only sad thing is that it didn’t last me over a week as my hair is very thin and weak. Thus, this time I decided I should just go back to darker hair color so that it will look slightly healthier.


No matter what color I did, it always will fade to something really light! #LikeAFakeAngMoh

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