My Mother Inspires Me

I was brought up with strict rules, manners, hygiene and in a clean environment. Since young, I live in an environment that’s clean and readily there for me almost all the time.

Mom’s OCD was quite bad. Just to name a few:

  • she ensured that after my sister & I finished playing with our toys, it’s being kept back to the exact placement and sequence she wants
  • she will force me to pick up my fallen hair strands by hand before I can go to school
  • She did not allow any textbooks or anything to be placed on the table other than study times (yes, she expects nothing on the table)

It was until I was old enough and living outside at times that made me realize and understand all those efforts that my Mom had put in.

I didn’t know that cleaning the walls, ceilings, fan, door, cabinet, wardrobe, sweep and mop can be SO TIRING. And it’s just a bedroom I’m talking about. Take it a once-a-week basis – I still find it extremely time and energy consuming.

Because of real life experience, I learn how to appreciate and make my Mom & my helper feel appreciated.

  1. Don’t Take A Clean Environment For Granted
  2. Don’t take food on the table for granted
  3. Don’t take clean, folded clothes for granted

Every little thing in life was made possible by lots of efforts by someone. I am thankful.

Partial Pink + Philip Kingsley Treatment

I was thinking about growing my hair long for a year or 2 before cutting off after my previous hair session with Tonny. You see… he gave me an undercut, but maintaining the length on the outer layer so I have hair long enough to tie up.

And I was thinking…. yeah maybe I should grow it!

Hey, hi. ;-p

Then the weather got hot, my scalp itches, my curly roots grew out and my little ponytail jambrakes when I do crunches.¬† The day I was so desperate to snip it all off, Tonny wasn’t free, so I went to my friend instead (yes, I have quite a number of friends in the hair industry) and return another day for color and treatment at Modern Style Salon.

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Are You on My Nerves?

Are you sitting on my nerves without knowing it?

I confess that I’ve have a rotten temper¬† when I was in my teenage years & early 20s. But the recent years changed me tremendously. I think it has something to do with my age and many life experiences. I’ve also come to terms with many things and growing a stronger desire to be a better and nicer person. I only nag a lot at people I care about, to do the better things for themselves. Other than that, at times I can be bullied without snapping any heads off.

3624d71b15d78efe74520af838a9a127However, that doesn’t mean that ANYONE AND EVERYONE can step all over me and being rude. I stand NO nonsensical crap! #IamSelective

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Animal Character Masks – Yay or Nay?

LG_Faceshop_maskpack_1Image source

There has been an uproar trend on the animal character masks for the last few months. I’ve seen reviews and social media posts and I was intrigued. Masking got less boring when users put on animal masks and have the opportunities to take a few selfies. It’s definitely instagram-worthy and super cute!

But…. do you know what are you putting onto your face?

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