Top Ten things to do Before I hit 35 years old

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I don’t even wanna think about it. No. Damn, I can’t imagine that this number ’35′ is just 6 years away from me! *SCREAMS* Noooo~~


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Ok, drama over. I’m bracing myself to face the fact that I’ll never escape age (maybe I might, on my face. Maybe.) and come to terms with it. Now what? Despite feeling like I’ve not accomplished anything at all, I am gonna list down the top 10 things that I would like to do (or hope I can do) by the age of 35. #YOLO?

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Why Buying Through 65daigou Is Better Than Buying Directly From Taobao

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Hands up those of you who have heard of Taobao… Great! I believe most of us know of this China ecommerce giant since they stepped foot into Singapore with a big bang sometime last year. For those few who have been living under some rock or another:

What is Taobao?

It’s a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Qoo10where one can buy almost everything under the sun from the site – clothes, furniture, pets, sex toys, bicycles, sports equipment, you name it and it’s probably there.

One look and it’s obvious that an astonishing number of  blogshops, Carousell sellers and Qoo10 shops get their stock from Taobao. I mean like they even use the exact same pictures from the Taobao sellers, sometimes even with their original watermarks!

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Tree™ Authentic Essential Oil‏

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I love essential oils! In my little beauty room at Herine Beauty- Face & Body, I often dab some essential oil on the bedsheet, or put it in a burner. It makes big difference to the mood!

I feel really happy if my facial/massage clients complimented that my room smells so nice! ;-)

I recently tried out these travel-friendly essential oil rollers from Tree by Three. I love roll-ons! No burning is needed, it’s so convenient!


What I have here: Relief Premium formula, Relief, Anti-Itch & Insect Repellent

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Top 10 Lesbian Movies

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Homophobics, stay away from this post! You’ve been warned.

I can’t imagine I’ve not watched any of these listed! The only lesbian show that I’ve watched is “Yes or No”.

1. Loving Annabelle

Annabelle, the daughter of senator was sent to a Catholic school after being expelled from her previous schools. She fell in love with her poetry teacher, Simone who was also in charged of her dormitory. Although Simone tried to resist Annabelle but was eventually overpowered by Annabelle’s pursuit… Find out more HERE.


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I Can Be A Virtual Aesthetics Doctor!

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Aesthetics Hub has 2 new features on their website that I played around with & thought it’s pretty interesting so I’m gonna share with you here! ;-)

I tried out virtual aesthetics with Face Touch Up, an online app on the site that allows you to upload your photo & try “modifying” your jaw, chin or nose to have an idea how would you look like should you go for Aesthetic enhancements or, plastic surgery.


I used a pre-edited photo and enhanced my jaw a lil more sharper, as well as reducing my fleshy nose. The difference is not big here but check out my chin!

I then uploaded another older photo to have a feel of more modifications!

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