Baby Chia

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We are halfway through the week & to a long weekend!

And since it’s mid-week, I shall post something light! (haha, excuses lah, no time to blog)

How about some cute shihtzu pics? ;-)

20140723-162335-59015372.jpgBaby Chia is gf’s 8-yr-old Shihtzu who happens to share the same birthday as me!

The above pic was taken when he was feeling sluggish and can’t be bothered by the toys I put on his back. Usually he doesn’t like us taking his photos too, so most of the times we gotta be patient and wait just to snap a good one!

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Things about Beauty Salons That You Never Know

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We all visit beauty salons and today I’m gonna let you in on some little secrets that not all of you may know.


It looks clean perhaps but mostly only changed after 3-6 facial customers or 2 massage customers. If you are lucky, you get a fresh one. 1/7 chance.

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Platypus Lobster Shack

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Heyya! I totally need to recommend you guys this new F&B establishment that serves not only super duper yummy food but also something that is not commonly found in Singapore!

Platypus Lobster Shack is a casual American restaurant which specializes in East Coast style lobster rolls. For such an indulgence and for the quality of food, the prices are definitely worth it!

IMG_0312Spicy Diablo $22/set – Butter-poached lobster, home-made mayonnaise, piquant garlic, spice

Glorious greens, truffle potato chips and savory lobster roll on perfectly grilled bun…… Oh my~ I was telling the gf that I have never enjoy any bread so much before! The generous portion also promised an extremely satisfied tummy.

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Opening of Modern Style Hair Salon in Tampines!

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Introducing my new hair sponsor that’s just 10 minutes walking distance from my house! Not only it’s frigging near where I stay, the prices are also quite¬†affordable!

And it’s even more affordable when you quote “Herine” to get a 20% discount!

 photo hw_modernstyle_opening_7_zpsffaf8caa.jpg

I attended Modern Style Hair Salon’s official launch in the first week of June together with the MFP crew and some bloggers.

Check out the event coverage by MFP here and read on to see my first hair beautifying session with my hairstylist, Tonny!

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bSoul: Nature For My Skin’s Needs

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[Discount Code below!]

This must be the longest period of time I take to test out products before I do the review officially! I wanna be really sure, you see. I’ve been ‘promoting’ this particular skincare range on my Facebook and also here (mini giveaway, comment if you haven’t!))


A certified natural skincare from Tuscany, Italy.

bSoul skincare range promises to help our skin work better than it had. It focuses on the physiological normalisation of the skin, something that we have never heard of probably.

What we should know is that if we allow our skin to, it can function much more and better than we know; provided we stop piling synthetic products and chemicals onto our faces.

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