Tattoo Project Part 1

I’ve had this tribal skull/skeleton tattoo on my arm since the age of 18 (I’m turning 31) and after years of losing and putting on weight, then training for some muscles, the skull got a little distorted and a little lonely on the space of my upper arm. A few mozzie bites also took the color off the outline a little. Damn, didn’t know my blood still so sweet and tasty with all those ink underneath. ;-p

The idea of a tattoo modification has been in my mind for years but it didn’t happen thanks to a million excuses. Until this year, and past that health-hazardous 29th, I decided it’s time to stop dilly-dallying!

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We were at Liang Court the other day to get some sushi-making stuff (post up next!) & we decided to get dinner at Tampopo so we can check out what’s the hype about! It was the gf’s belated birthday dinner treat from the sister & friend. Check out our staycation at D’Resorts if you haven’t!

No idea why I kept having the word “tan-gu-gu” in my mind when I thought of Tampopo. Well, maybe because dinner crowd was pretty strong and we queued quite awhile for it? ;-p

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The Girlfriend’s Obsession with Naked Palettes

My girlfriend is obsessed with buying Urban Decay Naked Palettes for me. Every time we passes by Sephora, I gotta stop her from going into the store in case she decides to splurge on the newer Naked Smoky palette for me.

Weird, isn’t it? It should be the other way round hahaha! I love the eyeshadows of course, but I didn’t see the necessity of owning more than the Naked3 she gotten me last year as I do not apply makeup as often as I did in the past.

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RSVP for Skycart’s 1st Taobao 11.11

Good news for the SHOPAHOLICS and inspiring ones!


1. What is 11.11?

Alibaba’s 11th November – affectionately termed 11.11 – sale has broken Guinness World Records several times in a row for highest online sales revenue generated by a single company in 24 hours, raking in US$9.3 billion in its 2014 edition. Needless to say, shoppers and shopping services across the world engage in clicking frenzies to snap up once-a-year deals that could go out of stock before the next blink.
(read Skycart’s blog post)

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