Ladies Fitness Circuit Class by Kevin Chiak

446/406A Joo Chiat Road
Recently, I’ve been thinking about many things in life, contemplating to start training more intensively on top of the usual walk-a-jog and some crunches; I even wrote an exclusive article “The Unspoken Career I Would Like to Have” on MFP….(Sign up on to read!)

Then Kevin, founder of Kevin Chiak Personal Training Studio/ Family Fitness Centre and President of the Bodybuilding Federation contacted me for a fitness program through my hairstylist! This couldn’t be less than a better time!

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My 2 ‘V’ Ladies

I love this 2 ‘V’s.

I met them through blogging and we have stayed close since then! I am thankful that I made so many friends through blogging. Among those that I am on not-bad/good terms with (texting on whatsapp group/FB), Viv & Ver are the ones I meet the most (ok la, maybe once a month or 2 haha) and also talk to about personal issues.

Vivienne, Me and Verlyn

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My Hairstylist Says I Suit The Botak Look


I think botak is quite cool BUT not on me. Because i have big, wide forehead and there’s a mild dent on the top of my skull, so ALL I CAN IMAGINE (if I ever shave bald) is…………

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This Auntie Never Grows Up

Running or walk-a-jog is supposed to release stress, not the other way round.  The companion is very important. Planning the routine or even out of the routine is important too. The most important thing is to find fun and happiness in what we do.

We live to contribute to society, to earn to feed our family. But if living stops at just this, you haven’t experience nor understand the real meaning of life.

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