My Status Promotion to ‘Aunty’

I am really cool about turning 30, and thanks to my nephew for promoting me to an AUNTIE, officially. Jeron Ong, aka #bbongie, is born on 10 March 2015. Just a day before my birthday!


Bbongie, where is your hand resting at?

The sister with the legendary must-carry-and-walk-around baby, challenging a sit-down session instead.


Bbongie in defensive mode: I neber, I neber hor!!

He was so angry that we wronged him so he flew into a crying rage. *Raises white flag* lolol 

That’s how “You cry, I lagi cry” was first posted on my IG.

After everyone took turns pacifying him, he went off to the dreamland in search of rabbits & bears. Sweet dreams! 


At the little sister’s design booth at Temasek Poly before visiting my nephew. Her designs very MANLY right? Hehehe

Even my 10 years younger sister is so grown up. And I’m supposed to renew my IC. 30 yo? Very cool indeed.

Soft Rebonding Before My Taiwan Trip!

Run away, crazy curly hair!

The last thing on my list is having a headful of unmanageable hair & taking photos with that as memory when I am in Taiwan! I scheduled in a rebonding session at Modern Style Salon!

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Cornerstone Cafe with BabyChia

I had been down with a cough so badly that I was drowsy for days, mixing up the dates and appointments. On a Saturday, I was supposed to go attend my nephew’s one-month party but because I was packed full of virus, I didn’t go.

Instead, I went for brunch at Cornerstone Cafe in Bishan Park with the gf, family & BabyChia!

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Planning a 200-pax D&D

[Meditrina 6th Clients Appreciation Dinner]

Planning & executing a Clients Appreciation Dinner of more than 200 pax is NO EASY job! Especially when the pre-planning and executing is a very much one-man show.

It also didn’t help that I had only attended ONE D&D in my entire life, and I didn’t even have to work but sat there and enjoy instead. Thankfully my colleagues helped me out with the powerpoint slides and logistics packing. That 5 months were no doubt stressful; it was also enriching & I realized my multi-tasking power is really superb haha!

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