Don’t Say “If I Can, Why Can’t You?”

If you ask me this few years ago, I would readily admit that I tend to tell people “If I can, why can’t you?!”. Many people do that. It is easy for us to put “blame” on people who can’t do the same things as we could – be it efficiency or competency.

By saying “If I can, why can’t you?!”, we are already belittling others. Arrogance and haught grow in us. Comparison kills some people.

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Neutering Our Cat

We brought Kiki for his sterilization when we were sure he passed the age of 6-months. That happened a month ago. We thought that when a male cat gets neutered, he will become tamer, yell less, bully less, less of all the aggressive stuff. But meow, we were wrong! *facepalm*

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The Quincy Hotel

J booked a “Qool Weekend Promotion” staycation for us at The Quincy Hotel during May’s long weekend. I foresee we won’t be going for any staycations too soon as the air-conditioners were finally installed at her place!

It’s not the first time she stayed at Quincy, from what I heard from her, this boutique hotel offers impeccable services and their staycay packages are value-for-money!

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BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence & Strips


I don’t mind bitter Chinese medicine, but I am extremely fussy about the taste of my consumable collagen. If it’s fishy, I might consider feeding it to my cat instead (ok, I’m kidding).

To find a collagen product that tastes good and has the finest ingredients, don’t count on those that are selling so cheap like apples from the supermarket. Collagen is expensive. To make collagen is expensive.

products group-01I purchased BRANDS® InnerShine® Ruby Collagen Essence & Strip from their e-store because I had tried a box of the collagen jelly strips before & man… it’s so super yummy! #NotExaggeratingJustCosItsAdvert

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