The Very Long Awaited Holiday!

I had been wanting to go back to Taiwan for a proper relaxing & shopping trip after the sponsored media trip by Neogence & Sasa 2 years ago & finally it’s happening!

As you read this, I should be on the plane flying to this awesome place and I really hope my appetite will be so good so that I can try all the food that I wanted to!
Taiwan, Here I Come!-01Goodbye Singapore & work for 6d5n; I’ll be back soon with my itinerary & photos! ;-)

Soft Rebonding Before My Taiwan Trip!

Run away, crazy curly hair!

The last thing on my list is having a headful of unmanageable hair & taking photos with that as memory when I am in Taiwan! I scheduled in a rebonding session at Modern Style Salon!

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Cornerstone Cafe with BabyChia

I had been down with a cough so badly that I was drowsy for days, mixing up the dates and appointments. On a Saturday, I was supposed to go attend my nephew’s one-month party but because I was packed full of virus, I didn’t go.

Instead, I went for brunch at Cornerstone Cafe in Bishan Park with the gf, family & BabyChia!

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