My Life as a Dog’s Nanny

My pals went on a week-long holiday and I was entrusted with the task of being a dogsitter. When they approached me to help ‘babysit’ a couple months ago, I readily agreed after making sure that my schedule has been blocked for them.

♦Subject: Louis, 14 year old male dog

♦Breed: Jack Russell

♦Medical history: Heart murmurs/ arthritis

How hard could this be right? The dog ain’t stranger with me. We used to play together until he got a little too old to be playing mad like me.

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Achievements for September 2015

How did time passes so fast? End of last year I was still nervous and crazily organizing a clients’ appreciation dinner till executing it… and now, it’s time to start the planning again. Gosh. Although I’m not the organizer next year, but equally stress because we have always been short of manpower and we don’t engage events planner…

Well, anyway, back with keeping track of my little achievements for the month!

1. I have been jogging for 6 months! I can officially declare that it’s not 三分钟热度(“3 minutes heat” is a brief period of enthusiasm)! I just hope the haze goes away so I can resume my evening jogs!

2. I can do mountain climbing for a full minute finally!

3. I am 46kg still.

4. I am learning and going through a new phase of life. I gotta do it!

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Don’t Miss This Flea at White Sands on 19th September!

My blogger bff has a fleamarket booth outside Whitesands/Pasir Ris MRT this Saturday! I gotta shout out for her because the things that she will be selling are good stuff! I wanna get some for myself too!
So for your convenience (actually and for mine), I’ll just copy & paste her content here. Original post here.


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Tips on Saving Up to $10,000 – $12,000 In 1 Year for Regular Executives

Best-Frugal-Tips-2013I am frugal, but I don’t scrimp & eat all the time just to save up my targeted amount. However, after talking to some friends, I found out that I am the only one who can actually save up the most in the ratio of savings to income.

Do you have a special project/occasion (eg: Proposal/weddings/house) to save up fast for? If yes, this post is written just for you! 😉

Today, I’m gonna share my tips on saving up to 50% of monthly income!

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