DIY Chinese New Year Nails Party

Hello! Chinese New Year is barely a few days away and of course the ladies didn’t want to have bare nails nor pay a hefty price for manicures and pedicures…. so we DIY-ed in the comfort of bestie’s house!

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Strawberry & Chocolate Flavored Overnight Oats

After my first batch of Berries Chia-Chia Yogurt Overnight Oats, I was really hyped up to try creating different flavors with different fruits. NTUC Fairprice became my to-go weekly after work.

If you haven’t catch on this trend, click here to read what is overnight oats and why it’s good for weight-losing and healthy eating.

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

I dislike painting my nails these days because it takes far too much time from start to the end until it dries off COMPLETELY, yet I try not to do gelish too often because of the UV light and since I need my nails to strum on my ukulele, I reckon it’s not worth investing all the time just to prettify my nails on the expense of my neck and back if we are looking at DIY. It was a different case when I had a nail sponsor back then though!

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Saturday House |Bar & Grill · Beer garden|

The colleagues and I came across this cafe one day when we headed out for lunch at the Geylang Prawn Noodles. We made a mental note to come and try out since both the interior and exterior looks great.

They are running some 1-for-1 promotion now and thus, the lunch is really worth it!

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