Fix Teeth Grinding

Botox: Beyond Cosmetic purpose

Botox for Teeth Grinding: I Tried It, and Yes, It Works.

Fix Teeth Grinding

Many thanks to @aestheticscentralclinic and DR Ryan Tan. The traditional treatments for bruxism used to be mouth guards to soften the impact of the clenching, but with injection treatments, this has pretty much become the treatment of the past.

I have Bruxism (teeth grinding/ jaw clenching) it’s an unfortunate condition and individual like me even with mouth guard I would invariably wake up with agonizing jaw pain, headache, and dental issues. The habitual chewing of hard foods and snacks can result in a bulging muscle at the side of the jaw. This ‘square jaw’ appearance is further accentuated by the smaller facial structures of Asians.

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Here are 3 picture to see the huge contrast and comparison after my treatment in just 3 weeks. Look at how visible and smaller my face become!
Dr. Ryan was very prompt to notice that one side of my jaw muscle is bigger and asked if I grind my teeth. WOW. Dr Ryan was really friendly and truly amazing like how he could pinpoint my bruxism problem in the first minute of consultation. Next, he was telling me I have a really nice nose (Au Natural) – that is a huge compliment coming from an aesthetic doctor okay!

Nevertheless, he told me that using botox – With just 2 simple injections, they are able to help you reduce the pain and inconvenience of bruxism. This works by reducing the strength of the muscle that causes bruxism so that the grinding is reduced significantly. Injections to reduce the strength of the masseter muscle are now the accepted form and mainstay of treatment for grinding of teeth at night, and effectively reduces headaches and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) aching.

Look at how fast the process is, and how professional Dr. Ryan is, it didn’t even hurt at all. You can check out more here:

And it literally 1 stone killing 2 birds cause the nice side effect is that my jawline got leaner. My cheekbones were even more visible. I feel like my face is more proportionate.

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Look at how much younger I look, and this is me just woke up without any filter, makeup or editing.

Price ranges from SGD400 – SGD1,200, dependent on the number of units used.
My experience:
+ No downtime
+ No residual pain
+ Done in 15min (including my consultation) + Without any marks or bruising
+ It’s been 3 weeks, I started to notice far less clenching
+ Contrary to popular belief that non-surgical face slimming and contouring only lasts 6 months, various studies in Korea show results to persist after 2 years and beyond


Looking at how slim and sharper my face look and no more aching from my jaw due to teeth grinding.

The actual results started to show in two weeks – and the best results were seen a month from my treatment which is now. This results in an attractive almond shaped face shape for the ladies and a youthful sleek look for the guys, which is highly noticeable. My colleague was telling me I look younger, so don’t be surprised when people comment that you look slimmer and younger!

What kind of treatment other than botox does Aesthetics Central Clinic do?

Just to name a few are like Acne treatment, Aesthetics work, Cosmetic Surgery, Pigmentation, Wrinkles removal, and their warm and friendly staff are trained to make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your entire experience with us.

Situated in the heart of Singapore, overlooking the landmark Singapore River waterfront and the lifestyle quarter of Clarke Quay, their facility has been completely remodeled to include a spacious reception, a very private lounge, private consultation rooms, and operating facilities.

The best way is to make an appointment to see the doctor
Contact details: Tel: 6221 8221 (5 lines) , or 8448 8636 (sms/whatsapp available)


Aesthetics Central Clinic is located at
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