[MOVIE REVIEW] Fabricated City Screening By Sony Pictures

My sister went for the movie preview courtesy of Sony Pictures Singapore yesterday. She came home sharing with her after movie experience. Before I move on with the review, check out the trailer and the movie synopsis for a better understanding.

Movie Synopsis
Hardcore gamer Kwon Yu (JI Chang-wook) wastes his life away playing video games at internet cafes. But after he returns a lost phone, he is arrested and given life imprisonment for sexually assaulting and murdering a minor. With the help of his online team mates, he has a chance to clear his name. As they dig into his case, they uncover a massive plot and a shadowy organization that puts innocent people to prison on behalf of powerful men in the country.
Fabricated City Movie 2017

Fabricated City Movie Sony PIctures

Fabricated City Movie -Hazeldiary
The story plot is interesting and unexpected twist along the line. The actor and actresses did a good job in showcasing the individual role character especially the emotional scenes. The facial expressions reflecting emotions and mentality are well-played. Although the initial part appeared to be confusing, I slowly pieced up all the scenes and figured out the whole picture. It is rather interesting as it gives me a room of imagination and kept me at the edge wondering what is next.
Fabricated City - Ji Chang Wook

Date of Release: 20 April 2016
Language: In Korean with English Subtitles
Run Time: 126mins
Genre: Action

Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/FabricatedCity/
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