The year of 2016 has ended and it is a time where new hopes and new resolutions are being passed around, inspiring everyone and anyone to set new goals. Everyone except me, that is.

You could say that I am a late starter for setting resolutions or lagging behind whilst the first two weeks of the new year just went pass me in a flash, but all I want to do is slowly savour the moments of the past year and trying to get back to my life after being away in Vietnam during the new year. There’s no hurry, we have the year ahead of us, so please join me while I share with you this memorable moment in my life in 2016.

2016 was an amazing year for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the year with one of my favourite skin care product, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and the best online beauty and fashion community, Clozette. A short interview to wrap up the year along with the limited edition bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence that was adored with the most graceful dance of colours achieved through the Japanese Art of paper marbling, Suminagashi.

The Art of Suminagashi carries a strong philosophy that there is no wrong drop and each dot and swirl comes together to form a unique piece of art. This so accurately and elegantly describes how our lives consists of all kinds of moments, happy, sad, angry, coming together to form a masterpiece of events that makes you who we are today.


Read more about the interview here.

I was aiming for a clean look with small touches of gold accessories. Nothing too fancy, something simple and reliable, just like how SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is always there, delivering consistent results, hydrating my skin.

To start the year on a clean slate is as important as ending it on a blank page with nothing more than THE END written on it. Cos let bygones be bygones and we all have to learn to live and let live. This outfit kind of symbolizes this and not forgetting some colours of our lives.


The year has been nothing short of amazing, I never would have thought I could do what I am doing today, have what I have and know wonderful people who constantly inspire, guide and motivate me. We count our blessings cos we want to add them up in our bottles of beautiful memories so that we can dig them out when skies are gloomy and days are long. It is strange that I get so philosophical when I look back at my life in 2016, perhaps it is too surreal or maybe it is the late hour that I am writing this post. But I enjoyed every bit of it, every moment good and bad.

And I am thankful and grateful.


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