Hello Lovelies, it feels like eons since I wrote here about something other than my travelogues. The second half of 2017 was quite a whirlwind for me, filled with travel adventures that opened up my eyes, allowed for some soul searching and amidst the adventures, I was also riding a huge emotional roller coaster. Thankfully, the stormy skies have cleared and the view is calm with an occasional shower. I am beyond thankful for the people around me who are supportive and understanding. I am thankful for the guiding light and the reminders that I have received which helps to reiterate why I chose this path in the first place.

Since time immemorial, I have lived by a motto that I hold dearly in my heart. It is a motto that many of you readers have come across in this blog. From my journey through the years, with increased awareness and mindfulness, I always see myself falling back to this motto again and again. So convicted to this motto that I cannot have it any other way. It is my truth.

live & love life

All of us have limited time on earth and every moment is to be treasured, be it a happy moment, sad moment or painful one. But overall, you must love your life, for that is your life and it is the life that you have to live with. Time does not differentiate between you and me. A minute of my time is the same minute of your time, you don’t get an extra second, just cause. One minute spent being angry means a minute of opportunity lost for joy, which brings me back to this simple motto of living and loving life.

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This question is probably one of the toughest questions to answer and it feels as though we have the answers on the tip of our tongues, yet it is so hard to verbalise it. We, however though, have experienced love in one way or another through family members and loved ones. But when it comes to understanding it, our knowledge is close to none. Love has been said to be the most powerful force in the universe, with its ability to change and transform people. The quote below illustrates this power.


“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


When it comes to loving someone in a relationship, some have it easy with a huge capacity to love and for others we learn through experience. I found the people with the biggest hearts were those who had love in everything in that they do, being doing the most horrible of chores or spending time with their loved ones. It was something in them that was filled with loving kindness and compassion for everything and everyone around them. They embraced living the moment and embracing all adversities in life. And most of all, they loved themselves. Not in self-centred or self-absorbed way but with a kind and understanding love for themselves and their journey through life.

You love better when you understand and empathise and you do not judge. Our brain can only do one thing at a time, it cannot love and judge at the same time.

The one thing that I learnt about life is to love each other. To radiate love through all actions and thoughts and to stay centered in the heart and that all actions come from the heart.


Instead of choosing fear, choose love.

Instead of choosing jealousy, choose love.

Instead of choosing anger, choose love.

Instead of choosing violence, choose love.


You can also say that we should freely love. To love without an agenda. To love without manipulation and without hidden motivation. And without any expectation of reciprocity. Although counter intuitive in any economics theory, the more you give the more you receive in return.

Love is not merely an emotion of excitement and attachment. Love is an action that we choose, consciously. Not dependent on our mood and emotions. We may be angry with our partner, but we can still choose to speak to him/her in loving kind words because we still choose to love our partner.

This takes a lot of effort, awareness and sometimes with a some pain in the course of learning. But no one said that loving was easy. In our modern, fast paced world, it is easy to be distracted by the constant message checking to frequent updates in social media to the addictive computer games that we want to complete. We do not have time to reflect on love, to experience it fully, or even to be in the company of our lovers as much as we would like. We are always wanted somewhere else. On top of this, in the modern age, we are all consumers and consumed. From our shorter attention spans, we have grown to expect instant answers and gratification; to simply be ‘in love’ and our lovers to feel the same.

The practice and effort of loving takes a back seat and forgotten as just like the crop top that was so trendy some seasons ago.


We have unlimited supply of love and you can love freely without feeling a bit poorer in love. And we can start so by loving yourself freely.

When we start loving ourselves with the purest, simplest intention of loving, we will experience changes that can be quite interesting.

We start feeling a little more love, more love flows in and is gets easier to love. Any difficulties that we have previously experienced in love will surface and with continual practice of self-love, we can slowly accept and overcome them with more love.

I am no expert in love as I am still learning from the falls that I made, but nonetheless I strive to be the better version of myself. I would really love to hear about your journey in love and self-love in the comments below!

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