In my trips overseas, it is almost a guarantee that amongst all these trips there would be bound to be a couple of beach holidays.

For such holidays, Beebops always says that instead of always hiring a driver for a day, we could always rent a bike at very affordable prices and explore the area at our own pace. Well it sounds like quite a nice and breezy idea but I have been very fearful of the thought of being a pillion in Singapore due to the lack of respect drivers give to motorcyclist on the roads.

For me, it is a must to wear a helmet no matter how silly we look or how short the distance is. And Beebops does have a bike license although quite a lot of bike rentals do not check for a valid license but I seriously don’t advise on riding without a license. To me anyone can travel in a straight line or make simple turns on a bike, but when it comes to reacting to certain road conditions, the untrained rider would not know how to handle the bike and the pillion in a safe way.

I didn’t rule out nor agreed to the suggestion but instead got myself a helmet in preparation for our Phuket trip.

Beebops has an Arai helmet whose design I find really cute as it has a pair of eyes at the front.

The helmet I bought was the half cap kind and not these full face helmets cos I wanted to the wind in my face and my hair for the beach holiday feel!

So I decided that it was time for a DIY and my inspiration is the helmet below:


I drew on the outline of the eyes with a market and made the line of thickness enough for two crystals side by side.


 I used opaque black crystals for most of the eye except at the area of reflection in the eye in which I used silver.


All these were stucked onto the helmet with epoxy glue.

After many many many nights, finally it is ready!


It’s great to have another pair of eyes to spy with! 🙂

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