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Drawn from the depths of the French volcanoes, Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water is rich in 15 essential minerals, capable of strengthening skin’s natural defences. It is also with this nutrient rich water that Vichy brand was born. Know for its therapeutic properties, Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water is the key ingredient in all of Vichy’s products.

With just 11 ingredients and 89% pH Balancing Thermal Water alongside extra-pure natural origin hyaluronic acid, Vichy Mineral 89 Skin booster was born. The therapeutic ingredients in the Balancing Thermal Water stimulates anti-oxidant defences, even when skin is aggressed by UVA, rebalances skin’s pH and reinforces its integrity, specifically by stimulating skin regeneration and improving its barrier function. Vichy pH Balancing Thermal Water thus renders skin more resistant to urban and environmental aggressors.

Vichy Mineral 89 serum_-review
Vichy Mineral 89_1-review
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I was really excited to try out Vichy Mineral 89 for its simple ingredient list, its claim on hydrating and the soothing effect that the Vichy pH Balancing Thermal water will have on my sensitive skin. The clinical results of Mineral 89 has received very positive results like skin plumpness, soft and glowing skin and also improve skin tone after 4 weeks of use.

Working 9 to 6 in an air conditioned office environment leads to my skin being dehydrated and oily towards the later half of the day as my skin tries to compensate for the lack of moisture on the face. I didn’t have to wait too long to be able to see improved skin condition with better skin plumpness and less blotchy make up towards the end of the day. In one week, My skin was also less oily as my skin was able to hydrate and retain enough water from Mineral 89, with its powerful combination of Vichy pH Balancing Thermal water and Hyaluronic Acid. Mineral 89 lives up to its claims to boost the skin’s resistance against pollutants and stresses of our life by maintaining healthy hydrated skin, and if you would like to further treat other skin concerns, like dark spots and pigmentation, it can be used in combination of other Vichy products.

It’s light texture makes it a good base to add on any other products without feeling too heavy or icky and this is definitely something I know I will use faithfully knowing that it will strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Vichy Mineral 89 is available on here. Enjoy 20% off Vichy products till 31 August 2017!

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Vichy Mineral 89 booster review-2
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