In this trip to Kuala Lumpur, I stayed on the outer ring of Kuala Lumpur in Bandar Sunway. And when it came to dinner plans, I searched for somewhere where it is more easily accessible from where we stayed as we didn’t want to be caught in some heavy traffic and be faced with parking woes if we drove into Kuala Lumpur city dinner.

Also as we were going to have dinner late, I had to make sure that the place we have our dinner closes rather late too.

So in my hotel room, while waiting for the Beebops’ event to end, I found Restoran Fatty Crab. For the benefit of my readers that are not familiar with the Malay language, Restoran is the Malay spelling for Restaurant.

We arrived at 10pm at night and there was a short queue to be seated with two groups of people ahead of us, we waited about 15 mins for our table. If you arrive at dinner time, I gathered that you could have a pretty long wait of about an hour or more.

Not surprising for a restaurant that has won Best Seafood in Time Out KL’s foor award for four years. (Read about it here)

 photo P1090240_zps3028b91b.jpg

 photo P1090241_zpsa5d88051.jpg

Once you are seated, the staff will come up to you and ask you for only the chicken wings order.

For the order for the rest of the food, someone else will come along shortly.

It was a thoughtful move to have us munch away on our chicken wings while waiting for our main dinner course to arrive as it was a wait of another 20mins before our food arrived. But that didn’t feel so long when we were engaged in conversation over wings and drinks.

 photo P1090243_zpse0cabbb6.jpg

To be honest, there isn’t much variety on the menu and everyone was there for the crabs. But we ordered some fried rice to fill up the guys’ stomach.

 photo P1090244_zps026f20c1.jpg

The fried rice doesn’t look mouth watering with it’s lack of ingredients but it is surprisingly tasty and has the smokey wok taste, commonly known as Wok Hei. The rice grains are loose and moist making it a perfect texture for fried rice.

 photo P1090245_zps5c343066.jpg

There are only a handful of choices for the methods of cooking the crabs.

At Fatty Crab, their signature dish is sweet and sour which we ordered together with steamed crabs.

 photo P1090246_zps48b1dad2.jpg

 photo P1090247_zps5f7a5258.jpg

 photo P1090249_zpsf83c4321.jpg

 photo P1090250_zps255b20d5.jpg

 photo P1090251_zps21e30d52.jpg

The steamed crabs were a little lack lustre as it was a little cooked leaving the flesh to be dry and not so sweet.

For the sweet and spicy crabs, it was actually a little odd in the first few mouths of the gravy. Maybe it was just a very unfamiliar taste and the taste bud was trying to look for something to identify with but there was none.

But dip the toasted crispy slices of bread into the brownish gravy and you just cant stop!

The taste of the sweet and sour sauce is really addictive and I can see why it is a favorite for many as it is so unique a taste that they keep returning for this indulgence.

 photo P1090252_zpsce4d13bc.jpg

Our bill for 4 people came up to RM174.70.

It is definitely worth a try as I have not tasted anything quite like this sweet and sour crab.  But with a wait of more than an hour, you might just want to consider having it for supper instead.


No. 2 Jalan SS 24/13, Taman Megah, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 47301, Malaysia

Opening times: Tue-Sun, 5.30pm-11.30pm

Thanks for dropping by!

Love, Everest

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