Hello beautiful! I am so glad to finally be able to share with you my experience and results of taking FANCL Tense Up Ex for 30 days. In my previous article about FANCL Tense Up Ex, found here, I shared about the benefits of the collagen drink and how it helps in reversing the effect of ageing. With its unique formula of nutrients for optimal absorption, it has been the favourites of many in maintaining good and healthy skin.

Not only known for its effectiveness in delivering collagen to the skin, you can also be reassured to know that like the rest of the products of FANCL, it does not contain harmful preservatives that could damage our bodies.

A friendly and professional beauty advisor will always be ready to help analyse your skin type and condition at all FANCL counters. It is done with the help of a machine that will give you a magnified view of your skin surface. So before I started taking FANCL Tense Up Ex, I visited an outlets to get an analysis of my skin and also as some form of record for myself of my skin’s current condition.

The image on the below is how the skin analysis looks like at FANCL’s beauty counter.

Fancl Skin Analysis

The top row captures the surface of the skin where pores, fine lines and lax skin can be observed. The second row provides another view with a different magnification that will allow you to see the pigmentation in the skin.

The columns from left to right is the skin along the jaw line, cheek area below the eyes and the forehead. This clearly shows how the skin’s quality differs across our face due to its exposure to UV rays. The skin on the forehead is noticeably more damaged and shows more signs of ageing due to having the greatest sun exposure.

Healthy skin with sufficient collagen will have net-like skin structure which is evident in the skin around the jaw line. Conversely, the skin on the cheeks and forehead has little or no resemblance to the net-like structure, showing loss of collagen, lax skin which is not plump and bouncy.


Fancl Tense Up EX Collagen-3

It is recommended to consume FANCL Tense Up Ex before you go to bed at night. The rationale is that the body repairs and rejuvenates itself whilst you are in dreamland and with the building blocks of good skin provided to your body just before you sleep, your body will be able to fully utilize these nutrients to repair your skin. The taste of FANCL Tense Up Ex is light without it being too sweet nor artificial.

Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your calories intake when you consume FANCL’s Tense Up Ex as they do not use sugar in this collagen supplement.

Fancl Tense Up Collagen

Some days I am so tired from work or exercise that I dive straight into bed forgetting to get my daily dose of collagen boost and so I will usually pack one in my bag for drinking at work.

Drinking Fancl Tense Up Ex copy

It didn’t take too long for me to notice the effects of Tense Up Ex. Afer a week, the skin on my whole body was smoother and softer to the touch and my skin tone looked less patchy. Into the second week, I was a little curious if my improved skin condition was a placebo effect or if it was really benefiting from the daily doses of collagen. So I headed down for a second analysis and I was pretty surprised by the results.

There was an improvement in the structure of the skin throughout my face and in such a short frame of time, I was elated to see such changes! My skin was also less oily and dehydrated too. It might be a little hard for you to do the comparison with the skin analysis from the picture on the right. I have consolidated the comparisons from all three skin analysis visit below for easy reference.

Fancl Tense Up Collagen-7

The Results

Fancl Skin Analysis

Isn’t it amazing what 30 days of drinking FANCL Tense Up Ex did to my skin?

The collagen structure of the skin around my jawline looked closer and tighter.

And the skin on my cheeks and forehead started developing the net-like structure of collagen.

It really is reversing the signs of ageing! Overall, my skin feels more balanced, smoother and was more even in tone.


Fancl Tense Up Collagen-5

Looks like FANCL Tense Up Ex is going to be a staple item on my bedside table and with every reason so!

You can read more about it at my earlier post here or at  FANCL’s website or visit their counters for a chat with their beauty advisers at one of the following locations:

Bugis Junction | 313@Somerset | Vivocity | Suntec City | Robinson Raffles City | Isetan Scotts

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