With Christmas and New Year celebrations seemingly just over a couple of weeks ago, when  we have not gone back to our weight pre-Christmas nor lost that unsightly budge around our bodies, we have Chinese New Year in front of us.

Feasting on the delicious spread lovingly prepared by Granny and Mummy and every kitchen goddess relative that you will be visiting. Not to mention the endless Chinese New Year goodies of bak kwa, pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit and the list goes on.

To keep your body a good state of health, it would be a good choice to start with a little cleaning up of your system before we reach the Lunar New Year.



A quick three day program plan from Expressions Wellness of Wheat Bran & Psyllium paired with SlimJuice helps to clear your system of the build up of toxins in the body.

Before you want to start labeling this plan as a fad diet, you will be pleased to know that you will still be having all your three meals along with a snack or two. The only request from the Senior Consultant, Chloe Chor, is to opt for healthier choices. Less oily food, less rice or noodles, more vegetables and less fried food.

It might seem like daunting task at the beginning when you aren’t in the habit but once you get a hang of it, it comes as second nature. Just like any other skill that you first pick up. ; )

For example,

  • choose soup Yong Tau Foo instead of fried Yong Tau Foo drenched in sauce.
  • choose salad with Italian dressing instead of Ceasar or Thousand Island dressing
  • choose economic rice with less rice, two servings of vegetables and a meat

Expressions Wheat Bran & Psyllium and SlimJuice are taken daily together with these healthier meal options for 3 days.

The Wheat Bran & Psyllium, taken twice daily – morning & evening, provides an abundance of fibre to our digestive system thereby increasing the movement of bowels and providing vitamins and minerals to the body. The recommended daily fibre intake is between 25-35grams, which translated in the words of a lay person is 10 cups of Broccoli, and most of us are not even coming close to consuming that much vegetables. Taking the Wheat Bran & Psyllium dramatically increases our fibre intake, increasing bowel movements hence increasing the frequency of cleaning our bodies.

The SlimJuice, taken twice daily, is made up of fruits extracts and enriched with vitamins and mineral to create an optimum condition for our body to lose weight.

The 5 slimming characteristics of the SlimJuice are:

  • Burning stubborn fat cells
  • Draining harmful toxins that prevents nutrients absorption
  • Aids in digestion
  • Satiates the appetite
  • Reduces the tendency of snacking

Expressions SlimJuice is not only filled with these slimming benefits, it is also extremely easy to consume with its citrusy flavour, resembling that of effervescent Vitamin C.



I was on the Wheat Bran & Psyllium and SlimJuice for 6 days instead of 3 days as after the first 3 days I did not see any changes during my consultation. After some discussion with Senior Consultant, Chloe Chor, we attributed to the fact that I have actually been eating rather healthily prior to my consultation hence the body was relying solely on the strength of these two products to help with the weight loss, whereas for others a change in diet coupled with the effects of these two products created more encouraging results. To be honest, I was disheartened to know that I did no shed a single gram of fat and was resigned to coexisting with stubborn fats on me. However, my consultant, Chloe, was extremely encouraging and with her warm smile and dainty voice of “Let’s try again for another 3 days”, I persevered.

So when I returned for the consultation and measurements, I was elated to know that I dropped in both weight and fat percentage. Though it is a small drop in fat percentage, I couldn’t be happier when all I did extra was to consume Wheat Bran & Psyllium and SlimJuice. How difficult can that be?
Weight 53.9kg to 53.3kg | Fat 26.5% to 25.5%

There are others who tried and they successfully lost more than 5% of their body fats in just 3 days. That is such commendable result and I do hope that that person could be you too!

You can get your own program kit through http://www.expressions.com.sg/products/ and get started with some fat burning before Chinese New Year.

Discount code of ‘GIVEME15’ for 15% off your purchase and quote “EverestSays” in the comment box. I would love to know your progress for this 3day program and please leave a comment below to see how you fare!

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Live & Love Life,


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