Hello Lovelies, how did your weekend go?

As promised in my earlier post, here is a second outfit from PEPPERKOKO. In my previous post, I wore an asymmetrical top, which I am wearing for this post except that I wore it more like a boat neck top by shifting the top. The look I was trying to create was something that can be worn to work.

Definitely not something too avant garde but to keep it a little festive, the look is finished with a pair of red heels from Heatwave Shoes which goes perfectly with the red mandarin orange carrier that comes complimentary with purchases above S$70.

Singapore Fashion Blog EverestSays Pepperkokosg_Outfit for Work
Singapore Fashion Blog EverestSays Pepperkokosg_what to wear to work
Singapore Fashion Blog EverestSays Pepperkokosg Looks for Work
Singapore Fashion Blog EverestSays Pepperkokosg_-39
Singapore Fashion Blog EverestSays Pepperkokosg_Outfit for CNY

Below is another skirt that I got from Pepperkoko but had to return it to swap for a smaller size and it is definitely something that I can see myself wearing for its neutral shade.

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I definitely be purchasing from PEPPERKOKO again soon as they always have new stocks weekly and I am having a growing list of items I want to add to my wardrobe. Below are some of the items that are in my wish list and you can click on the images to link you to the items directly.

Don’t forget that there is a discount code for $10 off with every $40 purchase “EVEREST10” when you cart out some items for a new look! 😉

Happy Shopping!

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*This post was brought to you by Pepperkoko SG

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