I had this top in my wardrobe for at least a year.

I like it on its own on the hangar as it doesn’t quite complement my tan skin as the blouse is of a rather dull green.

With the media featuring pastel colours everywhere, it was one of those moments of “why didn’t i think of wearing it this way” which led me to this outfit.


The solution was a pink skirt that I could wear it with without looking overly granny and sullen in it.


Blouse: Thailand


The scalloped hem takes away the granny feel from the blouse with its girly vibe.

My only gripe is that I have to be doubly careful when sitting down to prevent the layers from folding up when I sit down.

Scalloped Hem Skirt: Local Store


I am thinking if there is any other combinations that would work this blouse.

Do you have any suggestions how else I can wear it?

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