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Something light something heavy. It is the balance we all seek to have.

The Zara black leather skirt with its edge trimmed studs is in one of my favorite colour combi, black and gold.

When I saw this skirt in Zara, tried it on, felt my heart skip a beat and then it sank upon seeing the numerals tagged on it. Seriously didn’t need a leather skirt. So I walked out of Zara in a little forlorn manner and a little proud of my increased ability of self control.

I slept and ate and slept and ate. A week went past and I was thinking bout this skirt day in day out that I knew this pining should end.

And when I finally stepped into Zara, horrors of all horrors it was no longer available in my size nor a size bigger.

I am surprised that leather skirts are actually so popular in our sunny island along the equator.

So there goes my lost love…

Forgetting is easy when I never really had much memories with it.

And one day in another city in another country, I laid eyes on this leather skirt again.

In one size bigger, which just sat more on my hips than my waist, and it is finally mine.

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Now more than 2 years on, a few kilos lesser, the skirt could slide off with a light tug and no unzipping needed. Until I can no longer wear it without it dropping to my ankles, I avoid the trip to the tailor.

Paired with a light chiffon stripes top from Forever 21, creating a nice soft drape and flow against the more rigid leather skirt.

The light knocking of the studded when I walk creates a little tick tick sound which gives adds to that feeling of happiness like how snapping the fingers makes for a lighter mood.

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Outfit Details

Forever 21 Black and White Stripe Chiffon Blouse | Zara Black Leather Gold Studded Skirt | Tod’s Cream Leather Flats |  Wrist Accessories from Fendi & Mulberry | H&M Gold Chained Necklace

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Thanks for dropping by!

Love, Everest

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