OSIM uLove, the world’s most pampering massage chair, combines intelligent features and esteemed designs to deliver an exceptional experience that tantalizes and satisfies all senses.

Doesn’t it sound like an amazingly relaxing experience? Can OSIM uLove live up to the expectations? Is it all too good to be true?


Experiencing it is the only way to answer those questions.

OSIM extended its warm and welcoming invitation for a visit at OSIM Singapore HQ to witness and experience the unveiling of their newest massage chair, OSIM uLove.

Arriving at OSIM HQ, we were greeted by a table of pretty desserts and small bites that were as tasty as they were photogenic.

osim ulove singapore
Dessert at Osim uLove Launch

OSIM’s deep understanding and knowledge that an enjoyable session of massage and relaxation can be further enhanced through our sense of smell, they arranged for Neal’s Yard Remedies to share with us their pure and organically sourced scents and products for an all rounded relaxing experience.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Essential Oils Neal's Yard Age Defying Frankincense Cream Neal's Yard Remedies Skin Care Products
Neal's Yard Remedies Essential Oil

The guests were given ample time to take a quick bite, mingle around and have a whiff of aromatherapy oil before being led in a grandeur fashion with chaperones dressed in black from head to toe to the Experience Zone.


The Experience Zone was a dimly lit room with OSIM uLove massage chairs evenly spaced out through the room. Even with the limited lighting in the room, OSIM uLove massage chairs looked majestic and luxurious and inviting to take a rest in. The quilted leatherette upholstery was soft, cooling and buttery to the touch as my fingers slide along the gentle contours of the massage chair.

My personal chaperone introduced himself and in a soft and gentle voice offered to take my bag off the shoulders and remove my shoes so that I could take my seat on the massage chair. As I lowered myself into the OSIM uLove, I began feeling relaxed while letting my heavy tired body sink into the plush and luxurious massage chair.

The immersive audio system was created by the ideal positioning of speakers within an intimate chamber with enriched timbre and delightful virtual audio effects. Under the instructions of the chaperone to lean back and close my eyes, I felt myself withdrawing into a private sanctuary as the soothing instrumental music started to calm my nerves and liberate my mind. So free, so light and so relaxed that nothing else quite matters now. I imagine that this deep state of relaxation of mind and body is the probable feeling that people experience when they meditate.

OSIM uLove Massage Chair Experience Immersive Music
OSIM uLove Massage Chair Good Long Massage OSIM uLove V Massage

The massage movements were firm and smooth with its innovative V-Hand 3D massage, producing realistic massage grip and rhythm that is adept at releasing deep seeded knots. The extended massage track runs across every inch of the body from the head to the bum. This greater coverage targets more pain points, delivering greater pleasures and satisfaction.

OSIM understands that we are seated at our work desks for long duration and bent over our less than ergonomically when using the computers and laptops at work. Common aches and discomfort by desk bound employees are tight and stiff shoulders, aching upper and lower back and soreness in the neck, waist and bums due to the long hours of sitting.

I am not spared from these aches and soreness in my body as I work in a desk-bound environment from 9 to 6. The stiff necks, tight shoulders, aching arm, tired back and sore bum are frequently felt through the work week. OSIM uLove’s V-Hand emulates the grip of an experienced masseuse to ease the fatigued body of any pain and discomfort. Slowly and steadily, releasing the muscle knots one section at a time from the neck all the way to the bum.

Resting in the OSIM uLove, embraced by the soft quilted leatherette upholstery, serenaded with alluring music that romances the senses, the 30mins massage experience was like a journey through paradise filled with love and peace.

I walked out of the Experience Zone feeling amazingly relaxed, peacefully happy and extremely refreshed. I was amazed OSIM uLove had such wonderful effect, almost like that of being in love, I can now understand why it is also called the 白马王子, Prince Charming.

uLove OSIM luxury massage chair
OSIM event Singapore

After the massage, we freshen up with some mocktails.

osim ulove massage chair colour handsome brown
osim ulove massage chair colour dreamy white

After given some moments to relish the pleasures of the massage, we were introduced to the Lifestyle Zone, where we were shown the beautiful selection of colour that OSIM uLove came in and how these tasteful colours matches just about any kind of furnishing designs and styles.

Watch this video for the design and features of OSIM uLove 白马王子massage chair.

The OSIM uLove is the world’s most pampering massage chair. And that is irrefutable.

If you think that is too big a claim to own, this exceptional sensory experience awaits you at these OSIM uLove preview shops from 20 Jun 2016 onwards.

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at Special Price of $5,499 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:

Waterway Point #B2-23 | NEX #03-05 | Causeway Point #B1-37 | Jurong Point #B1-34A/35/36 | VivoCity #01-50/51 | Tampines Mall #B1-05 | Takashimaya B1 Concept Counter | JEM #B1-46 | Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06 | Plaza Singapura #03-09 | Junction 8 #03-10 |  Courts Tampines | IMM #02-40|  Parkway Parade #03-24/24A |  Raffles City #03-21 | Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12 |  Bedok Mall #B2-57 | Changi Airport T2 Departure | Best Denki VivoCity L2 | White Sands #02-07 | Metro Causeway Point | Parkway Parade #B1-63 |Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5

Online at www.OSIM.com

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at ulove.osim.com


Try it and I would love to hear how you feel about it too.

Live & Love Life,


This post was made possible courtesy of OSIM and Saffron Communications.

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