How was your Good Friday long weekend?

I had a great time spending it with Beebops and I can’t believe it is Monday already now!

Painted my nails in pastel in polka dots and zig zag lines like Easter Eggs.

The only time I can eat these Cadbury Mini Eggs now is during Easter as it is imported only then. 🙁

They used to have it in the supermarkets all year round.  I usually buy more than one when I see it on the shelves and now I am down to my last one and I should head to the supermarket really soon to sweep up what’s left on the shelf!


For this manicure, I used the Yellow Polish (second bottle from the left) & the Orange Polish (second bottle from left) for the dots.

Please pardon the uneven edges as I painted over my gelish nail polish as I didn’t want to remove it cos it involves so much chemical soaking and further filing of the nails.


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