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So glad to be back here to talk about my slimming journey and Marie France Bodyline review and experience. In my previous post (found here), I shared about the details of the 3 Step Body Wellness Treatment that was was embarking with Marie France Bodyline. The 3-Step Body Wellness Treatment is designed for the professional modern working lady who embraces healthy living and want to maintain a good body image. Marie France Bodyline’s 3 Step Body Wellness Treatment spanned across 4 weeks with one to two sessions every week.

Now that I have completed the treatment period, are you excited to find out if I’ve managed to shave off some inches at my target areas?

Let’s get started!

After four weeks of visits to Marie France Bodyline, I feel so at home and so welcomed. Every time I step into the branch, I am always greeted by a cheery voice and led very promptly to the changing rooms where all the clients will get to change into the soft cotton robes to prepare for the treatments. Some of my treatments ended rather later as I usually head for treatment after work and unfortunately it ends a little beyond the working hours of Marie France Bodyline, yet everytime, they see me through the door with the same warm genuine smile that welcomed me in.

I can’t wait to share with you my results after 4 weeks below!

marie france bodyline measurement results

The results are pretty amazing isn’t it!

In just 4 weeks, I lost 3.25inches around my problem area! That is the toughest area for me to lose even 1cm even with proper diet and exercise and now Marie France Bodyline has showed me that they could help me lose inches even around the most stubborn area! And I sure am convinced that they will be able to help all women who want to achieve a better figure.

Now that I have gotten your attention with my results, I will share with you the details of the treatments that I went through and how each treatment has helped me in achieving these amazing results.



Express Lipo Thalasso Therapy (ELTT), which consists of a Seaweed Mask and a Thermal Wrap, with focuses on the body detoxification through sweat.



Dynamic Sculptor Therapy (DST) combines “Chi” massage to promote energy flow in the organs followed by a compression wrap to accelerate the elimination of  liquids and toxins, improving overall wellness and weight management.



i-Laser Sculpt is a combination of low level laser together with vacuum massage therapy for fat reduction, cellulite removing and body contouring. It also incorporates lymphatic system stimulation for enhances circulation and lymphatic flow.

DETOX – Express Lipo Thalasso Theraphy

Express Lipo Thalasso Therapy combines the detoxifying and de-puffing beauty benefits of seaweed with targeted heat energy to encourage lymphatic drainage and boost the burning of fat. The 70mins session begins with a massage of the stomach and thigh areas to help to circulate the body and drain away the toxins that are built up in the these areas. The massage was really comfortable with the firm pressures and smooth long strokes. After the massage, a seaweed cream was applied on my whole body and I was wrapped up in a heated blanket. With the heat from the blanket, the seaweed helps the body to detox and reduce puffiness through increase fat burning and perspiration.

Being cocooned up in the heated blanket was actually very relaxing as the heat helped the muscles in the body to relax and I fell asleep in the 20mins that I was under the blanket. Unknowingly, I was perspiring from heat to toe until I started feeling beads of sweat rolling down my forehead into my eyes.

Both my sessions of ELTT were really comfortable and left me relaxed and refreshed after each session. It also gave me a feeling like I went for a workout at the gym with all the perspiration less the muscle aches. 😉

ACTIVATE – Dynamic Sculptor Theraphy

The Dynamic Sculptor Therapy combines a massage and a compression wrap to improve overall wellness and weight management. “Chi” 气 means energy in Chinese. Hence “Chi” massage is about activating and promoting the flow energy in the the organs so that the body can effectively get rid of water retention and toxins in the body. With the help of the compression wrap, as seen in above image, the body will efficiently bring the toxins from the feet up to the body to be eliminated through the major organs. The compression wrap felt very much like a massage except that the pressure was evenly distribution around the leg and move rhythmically up the legs.

I walked away from the session with legs that were more defined and got rid of the water retention that I usually have at the end of the day. As a result, my legs felt so much lighter after the session that I felt like I was floating my way home. The effect lasted through the next day as my colleagues commented that my legs look long and slim.

BURN – i-Laser Sculpt

Marie France Bodyline Review I Laser Sculpt Marie France Bodyline Review- i laser Sculpt

The newest innovation offering of Marie France Bodyline is this new treatment, i-Laser Sculpt, which is creating so much hype and excitement for everyone. Why? Because it is an all in one non-invasive system that aids in fat reduction, body contouring and skin tightening.

i-Laser Sculpt works by using low level laser that creates a chemical signal in that breaks down stored trigylcerides into free fatty acid and glycerols, which are released through the cell membranes. Fat content is transported around the body to tissues where it will be ‘burned’ away in post treatment exercise.

The vacuum massage after the i-Laser Sculpt promotes collagen growth, enhances circulation creating a slimmer, tighter look of the target area.

The treatment was absolutely pain-free and comfortable and lying on the bed with the laser lights zapping into my problem area was probably the easiest and most relaxing way of busting away those fat cells! Everyone will love this machine for its amazing results and visible effects can be seen as fast as after 6-8 sessions!

I am elated to have achieved such great results under the guidance of the nutritionist and learnt how to make better meal choices. Also with the supervision of the therapist and consultant whom have planned and discusses which therapy is more suitable for me and tracking my progress to ensure that I am motivated and feeling comfortable at all times. A great THANK YOU to the staff from Marie France Bodyline who have been so encouraging and filled with warmth and concern the moment I set foot in the centre.

marie france bodyline final results-3

As Audrey Hepburn would have told you, Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible! 

Are you ready to start looking in better shape and feel more confident about your body? You could find out more from the links below.


*This post was brought to you by Marie France Bodyline 

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