Every time I have the opportunity to share about the Lazada’s surprise box, I get so excited about opening up the box to see its contents and importantly to also spread the good news that it is time to grab some of these boxes yourself too!

In this round of surprise boxes, I was able to reveal the Lazada X Benefit, which is a makeup brand that I am personally very fond of.

Benefit Cosmetics carry a huge range of make up products ranging from foundation base to blushes that comes with fun and quirky product names. I have been using quite a number of their products like the They’re Real Mascara and Benetint Lip and Cheek Stain.

The Lazada Surprise Box is a mystery box of items worth S$100 but sold at S$29 or S$49 between 6th to 9th of September. The Lazada X Benefit Surprise Box will be available for sale at S$49. In the box, there are four items, all of which I would definitely use, but for the purpose of this reveal, I shall reserve the surprise and suspense for you when you get your hands on this. You can see previous surprise boxes herehere & here.

Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-3

The POREfessional Face Primer

In Singapore’s hot and high humidity environment, makeup foundation rarely stays the whole day due to sweat and oil secretion. The secret to flawless makeup is makeup primer and one which is light enough for our climate. Benefit POREfessional face primer’s silky lightweight and translucent formula when applied minimises the appearance of pores and and fine lines which creates a smooth and silky canvas. The formula of vitamin E derivatives

The lightweight and translucent formula is oil-free, suitable for all skin tones and can even be used on its own to even out skin tones.

Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-11
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-2

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter & Luminizer

Getting your summer glow on with Dandelion Twinkle highlighter and luminizer powder is just the best way to top off your make up with the sheer and delicate radiance in the perfect nude pink shade. If worn alone, it adds a luminous healthy glow to your bare skin make up look. When layered on your favourite blush, it adds dimension and beautiful contouring to your face.

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Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-8
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-9
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-5
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-6
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-11
Lazada Surprise Box x Benefit-10

You can see that these two items are staples in every makeup pouch and the other two mystery items are also products that you can use on a daily basis.

The LAZADA 9.9 Sale starts on 6th till 9th September 2018 and more than 99 Surprise Boxes worth S$100 is available at an attractive price of S$29 or S$49.

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Live and love life everest
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