Nivea was the skin care brand that accompanied me in through my earlier years when I struggled with scaly dry skin on my legs and Nivea’s cream moisturizer was the source of hydration and moisturisation.

When Lazada was sending me Nivea’s Surprise Box for their Great Singapore Sale (GSS), I was excited to receive it and the surprises that it contains. Lazada‘s Surprise Box contains a number of mystery items of a specific brand which is really value for money as Surprise Box is worth a minimum of $100, and will be sold as flash sales at $29 nett during Lazada GSS Sale from 6thto 8th June. Participating brands include Laniege, Neutrogena, Maybelline and Mamonde to name a few.

The excitement is all in the anticipation of the arrival of the box along with not know what to expect to find in the box. One thing is for sure, Lazada will never fail to surprise you.

The Lazada x Nivea Surprise Box was huge! Literally. Filled with lots of skin loving products and I can’t wait to share these few favourites with you.

Nivea Lazada Surprise box Lazada Nivea Sale

Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle day cream with SPF15 is light enough for day wear along with sun protection. With its Q10 as one of its active ingredients, it helps to repair skin, prevents wrinkles and further sun damage.

Lazada Nivea Sale

This is a must have in the make up boudoir of ladies living in the tropics. Humidity is the real enemy for all of us in Singapore and perspiration is almost as voluntary as respiration. Even when you are waiting for your bus at the bus stop, sweat beads starts trickling down the forehead. Imagine what does on on the underarms. Nivea Anti-perspirant provides 48 hrs anti-perspirant protection providing long lasting smooth and dry texture. Liquorice extracts and Kaolin powder whitens and brightens the skin on the underarms with regular use.

“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, Sunscreen would be it”

 – Baz Luhrman

Lazada Sale GSS-12

It is really strange that Baz Luhrman advice sound really surreal now after more than 15 years after the song debuted and it becomes increasing relevant with the depletion of our ozone layer. Nivea spray on sunscreen is a must have in every summer holiday’s luggage when you head to the beach and when it is time to reapply the sunblock, usually our bodies have bits of sand stuck here and there and rubbing on lotion sunscreen can feel like a body scrub. Reapplying the sunscreen with Nivea’s SPF 30 sunscreen definitely easier and faster.

Lazada’s GSS Sale happens from 6th to 8th June with up to 90% discounts and flash deals every 2 hours. To purchase yourself this Lazada x Nivea Skincare Box or other surprise boxes like Laneige, Mamonde, Neutrogena, Maybelline or Dove etc, use voucher code [GSSEVEREST18] when you purchase your choice surprise box!

Lazada x Nivea Skincare Box  has 7 items skin caring items and like every good movie review, it keeps the best part as a surprise to you.

Use voucher code [GSSEVEREST18] for 18% off capped at $8 with no minimum spend required.

Join Lazada’s social media contest when you post an unboxing video on IG or Facebook with hashtag #lazadasurprises  and stand to win attractive prices!

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