My First Beauty Disaster

Do you recall your first makeup experience? I have a rather faint impression of my first experience in Secondary School where I was at a close friend’s house preparing to go on a group date with. At that time, I did not even have a single bit of interest in makeup nor any experience in make up as my mom never wore any and I had no one to learn it from. I only started to learn more about makeup when I was in University, where I learnt the importance of a nicely shaped brows and how eyeliners made me look more alive when I went for the first lecture of the day after a late night out at the club. ; p

But nothing is more memorable than a makeup disaster!

It was a warm humid afternoon and I was preparing myself, putting on my make up, ready for a weekend night out. I knew I was going to be out late into the night and wanted my makeup to last through the night as I wasn’t bringing my makeup pouch to touch up. Diligently, I put on primer followed by the liquid foundation. And the hot afternoon left a tacky layer of foundation on top of my skin.  The next layer was to be the loose powder which will properly set and seal the foundation layer.

I reached for the loose powder and unscrew its huge round cover carefully to prevent agitating the loose powder which can sometimes cause a cloud of powder when I open it too hastily. As I was about to dip my fluffy powder brush into the tub, I felt a twitch on my nose and a second twitch. And before I knew it, I let out a huge shower of sneeze right into the tub of fine loose powder in my hand. At the same time, I lost grip of the tub and saw it slowly slip out of my hands and nose diving onto the floor. It landed with a light tud followed by a POUFF.

And the rest is Magic!

Well I wish I could say that when I was cleaning up! 🙁

Only about an hour of cleaning up later was I able to leave home flustered and with a story all ready to tell my friends!

Tell me about your makeup disaster!

On the topic of make up and loose powder, Lazada is having its Super Beauty Day on 9 October and you can expect to get discounts of up to 60% off, vouchers for grabs, exclusive beauty bundles, gift with purchase and travel size products for under S$25.
And one of the brands that will be up for sale on Super Beauty Day  is Laura Mercier. 


Laura Mercier Cosmetics was created by renown French makeup artist, Laura Mercier. Since its launch in 1996, it has created some bestsellers loved by both makeup artists and ladies looking for a natural healthy make up look.

The Tinted Moisturiser and the iconic Translucent Loose Setting Powder won the Designer Buys 2016 Glamour Beauty Awards and the InStyle 2015 Best Beauty Buys.

Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder
Lazada Super Beauty Day Laura Mercier-3
Lazada Super Beauty Day Laura Mercier-4
Lazada Super Beauty Day Laura Mercier-2
Lazada Super Beauty Day Laura Mercier-6
Lazada Super Beauty Day Laura Mercier-9

The application of the loose powder can be either with the powder brush or the powder puff. Both in my opinion is really effective as the loose powder is really fine and it can be picked up easily and can be applied on smoothly and evenly.

The shape of the brush though, it unique in picking up the powder and in its application and I love how it feels soft on the face and yet firm enough for you to feel it contouring along your facial features. The lightness of the powder means that you don’t feel that the skin is dry and cakey after application and a little goes a long way with it. That is why its name of Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

To see all the brands participating and the sneak preview of  Lazada’s Super Beauty Day , you can click on this link and bookmark it for 9 Oct.

My followers will be able to get an attractive S$8 off minimum spend of S$15 by using the code < EVERESTLAZSBD>. Limited to the first 100 new customers only.

Live and love life everest
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