As we age, our skin loses elasticity due to loss of collagen structure and it is evident in the skin around our face which is thinner and more sensitive. I noticed these changes more significant as I cross over the big 3-0 mark and I started keeping a look out for the latest technology to slow down the signs of ageing. HiQueen is one new treatment that I am looking for.

Kowayo Aesthetics Clinic offers this new concept HiQueen, which provides Natural Lifting Effect by using HIFU energy to lift and repair the skin without surgery. HIFU,  High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is able to go deeper into the skin to promote collagen regeneration at the deeper layers of the skin. I experienced improved skin tone and reduced wrinkle visibility immediately and the overall skin elasticity and tautness was also visible.

In the video below, notice how I looked at the beginning of the video and how my skin freshens and brighten up after the HiQueen treatment and how the lines around my mouth has reduced in visibility.

The whole process was very comfortable with feeling of warmth and slight tightening effect similar to how it would feel when you exercise a muscle.

Our concept of beauty is to look naturally fresh, radiant and rejuvenated

– Kowayo

Hiqueen Kowayo Aesthetics Review-3

HiQueen Machine

Hiqueen Kowayo Aesthetics Review-4

During HiQueen

Hiqueen Kowayo Results - before and after

The results were immediately seen with the face tightening around the cheek areas and I was surprised that you can even see this in the video. The whole session lasted about 15mins, grabbed a quick lunch from around the area and I was back in the office after lunch time. It was not necessary to remove my eye make up and I easily touched up with my cushion compact before heading back to work.

To maintain and further improve the skin’s tautness, it is recommended to have 3 to 4 sessions every three months.

Hiqueen Kowayo Results 1 - before after copy
kowayo hiqueen review-1-2 copy

The effects of the tightening will be more obvious over the next two to three weeks and this was taken about 1 month after the HiQueen treatment. My face is much tighter and less saggy around the cheeks.

Live and love life everest
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