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A pair of sunglasses in the fast fashion moving world is more than just eye protection, it is a shield from the flashes of street photographer and hides any traces of evidence of last nights’ drinks. A good pair of sunglasses is often overlooked for the protection it should provide when the design of the sunglasses seemed to be more important to most of us.

Although it can be tempting to buy many lower priced shades with really interesting designs and using them to match and complete and outfit. What you might not realise for these lower priced shades is that there not much technology and engineering has been put into the manufacture of the lens. The lens is the most important part as it provides the UV protection we need for the eyes. Long term usage of such poor lens actually increases the probability of UV related problems like cataract.

It is tantamount to purchase from good and reliable sources of sunglasses. Smart Buy Sunglasses offer attractive online discounts for reliable and good sunglasses, like this Versace pair featured here. The design is classic in shape and finish yet adding a touch of opulence with the exquisite Medusa embellishment. I styled this pair of sunglasses for three different occasion in which you might need a pair of sunglasses.

The Girl Boss

Singapore Style Blog Smartbuyglasses Versace
Singapore Style Blog Smartbuyglasses Versace 1
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Dressed in black and all ready to take over the world one step at a time in high heels no less. The girl boss does not take no for an answer and hustles on to her next meeting in style with a pair of sassy shades. The two Medusas on her sunnies are dedicated to her nay-sayers whom she hopes will turn into stone when they stare too hard at her.

The Brunch Lover

Versace Singapore Brunch Style
Versace Singapore Brunch Style 2
Versace Singapore Brunch Style 3

Oh darling, I can’t believe it is almost close to noon, exclaims the brunch lover as she stretches out of her duvet. The brunch lover wakes up just in time for brunch because breakfasts are for the fitspo and she has no interest in eating her greens in a smoothie. She arrives at the crowded cafe and requests for the seat by the window so that she can watch the world go by she said. Secretly, it’s because food pictures turn out nicer with natural lighting. She keeps her sunnies on through brunch because the natural light can get quite glaring at midday. Ending her brunch with some caffeine boost to power her through the afternoon shopping.

The Beach Boho

Singapore Fashion How to Style Sunglasses
Smartbuyglasses How to Style Sunglasses
Smartbuyglasses How to Style Sunglasses 2

She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie, the spirit of a fairy. The beach boho lives a free spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love. Discussions about worldly adult issues proves to be futile and might probably yield a response of “Life is better at the beach” along with a flick of her sand dusted hair. The long hours she spends lazing at the beach club contemplating about life and love warrants a pair of sunnies that will give her all the UV protection she will need from the sun.

Do you relate to any of the three looks mentioned? I see a bit of myself in all three of them, just like the many roles we all take on in our lifes.

Smart Buy Sunglasses  offers FREE delivery, 2 year warranty & 100-day no-hassle returns for all purchases so you don’t have to worry about any hassles as a customer. Choosing a pair of sunnies can be quite a daunting task and Smart Buy Sunglasses provides a virtual try on service to see if complements your face shape. Quite interesting huh?

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