Do you sometimes end up doing something that you did not expect to do and eventually happy that you took the chance anyway?

When I visited Dr Wong of Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic, I had my heart on the HIFU Treatment which was targetted at firming and tightening the skin on the face, providing a sharper and more defined facial feature.

The consultation with Dr. Wong was a comfortable conversation regarding loss of skin’s firmness and tightness around the cheek to jaw area, also commonly know as loose jowls. After listening to my concerns, Dr Wong shared that I would be a good candidate for HIFU as there were lax skin around the cheeks due to the loss of collagen. At the same time he recommended jaw slimming with the use of Botox first to reduce the jaw muscles before HIFU so that a better V-shape face can be achieved with HIFU.

The professional explanation and patience of Dr Wong made me feel assured that I was in the good hands and he was very sure that I would like the outcome of the face slimming procedure.

Kowayo Clinic Treatment-14
Kowayo Clinic Treatment-2

Dr Wong briefed me about the procedure which were two injections on each side of my jaw muscles and promised that it will be done in 10 minutes and there shouldn’t be any pain nor discomfort. The only feeling he said some people will feel is a little soreness like that of a muscle ache.

Dr Wong sat me on the chair adjusted into a comfortable upright position while he turned over to his medicine counter to prepare the syringes for my procedure. I was soon given some ice pack to place against the area of injection and with the area a little cold and numb, Dr Wong administered his shots really quickly and in less than 2mins it was completed on one side. The shots were administered equally fast on the other side and I was done!

Kowayo Clinic Treatment Numbing
Kowayo Face Slimming
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Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic is conveniently located at City Hall/Esplanade MRT Station which is only two stops away from my work place. Its location makes it wonderful for anyone working in the Central Business District to get a aesthetic treatment done during lunch and head back to work with hardly any traces of work done on your face.The soothing pink walls and warm friendly greetings by the nurses creates a very homely and welcoming mood unlike that of a clinic.

I managed to get the face slimming done during lunch time leaving sufficient time for a proper lunch thereafter.

1 Raffles link 01-03B Singapore 039393 | Email: | Phone: +65 6884 4280

The pretty pink interiors of the clinic with its soft soothing lighting calls for an #ootd before leaving Kowayo Aesthetic clinic.

Kowayo Clinic Treatment - Before After

After a month, there was reduction in the muscle in my jaw and my face looked slimmer and it got rid of the angular shape at the area of my jaw. This helped to my my face look sharper and also created a more feminine face shape. I am so glad that I trusted Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic and Dr Wong’s expertise in what he had envisioned in mind for me.

With the effects of the face slimming stablised, I will be heading back to Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic next month for HIFU and can’t wait to share the experience and results with you again!

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