Following my earlier post of the benefits of shopping with Ezbuy, I am excited to be back here to share with you my purchases from Ezbuy. The budget for this haul is S$100 and I managed to get a total of 8 items and cash to spare! The look that you see here is created with all the items purchased from this haul. I can’t impress upon you how affordable it is to create a complete outfit from head to toes with EzbuyWatch the video below to see the items I bought in greater details and at some amazing prices.

Ezbuy Hauls-5


With such a huge variety of choices of fashion apparel, you will be able to find many affordable and trendy items from ezbuy. The attractive prices that you see on ezbuy is due to the direct purchasing from China, which bypasses any middlemen that could increase the prices. Though the items have been shipped from China, you do not have to worry about the cost of shipping as the items come with ezbuy!
Get started on shopping at ezbuy today by redeeming for this S$10 shopping credits here.
Live and love life everest
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