The Entertainer is an application for the mobile phone which is filled with 1-for-1 dining, travel, leisure and beauty & spa services offers. Sounds like an essential app on your phone? YES it is!

When I looked though the list of merchants for 2015 at which I can use the app, I can’t help but feel like going to all of them! Some are popular merchants that I frequent already, so it is an icing on the cake that I now have the privilege of enjoying the same item but at half the price with the 1-for-1 offer. And the others are those that I would like to try.

Anyway may I bring you back to how useful The Entertainer app is for an average working adult, like ME!

The central business district, a.k.a CBD, is the commercial and business centres of any city, Singapore included. The concentration of banks in the CBD also makes it a financial district. In Singapore, the CBD spans two MRT stops from Tanjong Pagar to Raffles Place.

Food does not come cheap in the CBD due to prime rental rates but with the Entertainer app, I found a sizable number of eateries in the CBD that I could use the app, but the below 3 are my favorites for lunches as they aren’t too heavy and are healthier choices for me!

Nothing But Green

Nothing But Green is an organic cafe which offers a selection of organic and natural alternatives. Aimed at encouraging diners to make informed decisions on eating food that is natural or organic and cutting down on processed food item,  this cafe serves up food items like soups, sandwiches, salads and Asian delights.

The Entertainer App Offer:  Soup, sandwich and salad.

Prices: From $4.80 for a bowl of soup to $12.80 for a smoked salmon sandwich.

EggnCheeseSalad_1024-300x300-tile A lunch of Goody Egg Sandwich & Cream Brocolli for two will be $17.60, which is less than $9 for a complete lunch.

Address: 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-102 Singapore 081007

Sushi Burrito

Sushi Burrito is a healthy Japanese fast food restaurant that offers a broad selection of freshly rolled burrito sized sushi rolls. Sushi Burrito recreates the sushi eating experience by serving healthy and delicious meals on the go. Each Sushi Burrito has a great balance of carbohydrates, fresh Japanese ingredients and 40% of mixed greens,  and even an option that has no rice, making it perfect for those on a no carbohydrates diet.


The Entertainer App Offer: Japanese Salad and Half Sushi Roll

Prices: From $4.90 for a salad to $7.50 for half a sushi roll of Grilled Unagi topped with bacon bits

Lunch for two is only $7.50, which works out to almost like a meal at the economic rice stalls except you get to enjoy premium quality ingredients, great greens and a less oily lunch.

Address: 100 Tras Street 100AM Shopping Mall #01-06 Singapore 079027 and 62 Collyer Quay OUE Link #02-12 Singapore 049325

Bergs prepare their patties and sauces  in-house with their menu peppered with Asian inspirations of spices and tropical fruits. A lunch at Bergs will leave you feeling satisfied and all ready to finish the day’s work in full steam. A huge selection of gourmet burger awaits you at Bergs and if you are on a low carbs diet, you could request for the sesame buns to be replaced with lettuce leaves.
The Entertainer App Offer: Main menu item, which means anything on the menu!
Prices: From $9.50 to $18.50 for a double patty burger.
Lunch for two will comfortably cost $15.  But if you are feeling really hungry and have the stomach for the double patty burger, The BFB, with bacon, egg, cheese and pineapple sandwiched within the buns, it will still be well below $10 per person!
Address: 137 Amoy St #01-01 Far East Square  Singapore 049965

The above three eateries are not the only places available in the CBD. You will be pleased to know that there are more than 70 vouchers that are available on the app in the CBD alone. From swanky Italian restaurants to delectable dessert stalls to fast food outlet, there is a choice for every craving and budget level.

The Entertainer app is only S$60 with an early bird discount since the year has just began.  If that is not enticing enough, until end Feb, users of the promo code 2015ALVIN can enjoy a further 10 per cent discount on top of the early bird price. That means The Entertainer app costs S$54 for the whole year!

Just for you reference, since I got the 2015 app, I have already utilized 4 vouchers, saving S$65. So the earlier you have the app, the more you can save and not to mention the more of different eateries you can try!

Hop over to Alvin’s Blog to see a graphical explanation on how to download and use the app.

Download the Entertainer now!

The discount code 2015ALVIN is valid until end Feb 2015 and the Entertainer 2015 app expires only at the end of 2015.

Thank you for dropping by!

Live & Love Life,


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