Today I had my lunch with an addition of an omelette from the economic rice stall. I was very busy at work and when I had some time on hand to snack as I was feeling hungry from my hectic afternoon. I reached for my planned snack of edamame and some raisins that was on my desk.

Planning for your meals and snacks help to limit all the likelihood of eating something that is not quite on your plan of clean eating.

And dinner was a meal deliciously prepared by Beano as I over to her place after work.

Home made beef patty with cheese centre, sauteed french beans and mash potatoes with spring onions!

 photo photo13_zpsee59e94c.jpg

Lunch for tomorrow has been cooked. But I think my dinner is most probably gonna be taken outside as I will checking out on a friend who just gave birth!

Thanks for dropping by.

Love, Everest

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