The Lunar New Year is round the corner and as far as tradition goes, we Chinese believe that a new year signifies new beginning and new clothings are a must. Throwing away last year’s clothes is akin to throwing away the weary and tiredness of last year and welcoming in the new breath of fresh air for the new year.

When I was introduced to a relatively new online store, PEPPERKOKO SG,  I was spoilt for choice for the variety of items that they have to offer. Pages of different clothing for all occasions, diligently adding items I fancy onto my favourites and when I was thoroughly satisfied with browsing through their catalog, I had more than 70 items in my favourites list.

Finally after a struggle to keep my order smaller, I settled on three items which came up to a grand total of S$56.70.

For S$56.70, I got myself two A-line skirts and one asymmetrical top. Averagely each item costs less than S$20, which is extremely affordable! These were going to be my Lunar New Year clothings and I was beginning to worry that at such low prices, the quality might be lacklustre.

I didn’t have to worry long before the courier delivery rang my phone and brought my orders. To be exact, it took two days to have it delivered to my address and when I opened my parcel, I was doubly pleased by its quality.

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With its current promotional discounts of up to 25%, I managed to score this outfit you see here with the breakdown as such:

BLACK ASYMMETRICAL TOP for S$14.90, after 25% discount, and STRIPES SKIRT at S$20.90, for the same discount.

Another WRAP SKIRT that I’ve gotten for myself was also $20.90 after discount.

And just because you have been so supportive of this blog,  I am sharing with you another discount code that could get you S$10 off with minimum purchase of S$40. Key in the discount code of EVEREST10” when you cart out your items for this irresistible discount. Best of all, this code is valid till end June 2017. 

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Why buy from PEPPERKOKO SG

14 days free 1-to-1 size exchange

Quick Delivery Service

Wide range of sizes

 Comfy Quality Materials

Responsive Customer Service

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If traditions were followed strictly, black would have been a colour that is banned during Chinese New Year but thankfully I have a super cool grand mother who isn’t superstitious about such traditions and has crossed boundaries to connect with us on our facebook accounts leaving generous ♥ and supportive comments on our pictures! I simply adore her and how open she is to learning new things at 81 years old. She is living proof that life is a learning journey.

My saving grace for this outfit is right at my feet. Liquid gold mirror booties that screams auspicious just like gold ingots, which signifies wealth! As usually I am always wearing black, I felt that choosing something that I will always wear will give me more mileage as compared to choosing something red or brightly coloured.

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I did an exchange of an item. The politeness and friendliness could be felt in the email exchanges I had with the customer service staff as they were very prompt in their replies and also offered suggestions and help in guiding me through the process. Never once was I made to feel like it was my mistake for selecting the wrong size and how much inconvenienced I have caused them.

Pepperkokosg Singapore Fashion Style Blogger CNY
ASOS Gold Boots

Below are the three items that I have added to my wardrobe from PEPPERKOKO SG and don’t forget to use discount code of EVEREST10 for S$10 off with minimum $40 spent.

Oh yes, they ship to Malaysia too!

You can find them on the below social platforms to find out more




Do check back in shortly over the weekend as I share another budget friendly look and some of my favourite items from Pepperkoko!

Meanwhile, happy shopping! 😉

This post was brought to you by Pepperkoko SG.

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