My hair was due for a cut and a fresh colour. Its current colour was just a way overgrown colour which happened more than 6 months ago. It isn’t too much of a challenge when it comes to choice of hair colours. Though it wouldn’t have minded some lovely shades of ash and pastels, my work nature might not be that accepting of these new age trends and it is definitely safer to err on the side of caution.

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Apgujeong Hair Studio is a chain of Korean Hair Salon that brings Korean inspired styles to the shores of Singapore. Currently with 10 outlets islandwide, it is easy to step into one of the Apgujeong outlets to refresh your look. I dropped by the Great World City outlet with the intention of getting a fresh cut and new hair colour.

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I had a quick chat with Assistant Director Stylist, MJ, about the style that I was looking for and also what my lifestyle and working environment so that he can suggest styles that are suitable and appropriate for it.

After some back and forth discussions about the hair colours and my hair quality being able to take the bleaching and dyeing, we settled on a hair colour with and highlights throughout the whole head.

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MJ’s passion for hair design and technical mastery is a result of a vast professional experience of more than a decade in Seoul and the regional markets. His spirited enthusiasm and energetic personality translates to his commitment towards his customers and this could be felt through the communications with him where he actively listens and gives meaningful suggestions.

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After about 2.5hours, I was done and I was still in time to grab dinner before the shops closed!

The cut that was given to me was made for my fine hair type as it makes it easier to blow dry while curling in the ends, this was created with a shorter inner layer while maintaining the external length which looks likes a blunt cut from the outside. The highlights on my hair was obvious without being too loud, just something that I needed!

Most importantly, my hair texture was soft and bouncy thanks to the treatment that replenishes and locks in the nutrient lost during the chemical process.



Store Locations: 11 Outlets Islandwide, Look for the outlet nearest to you here


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