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Hey lovelies, it is really exciting to know that we are already in the second last month of the year and it is gonna be Christmas real soon! Welcoming November also means that we are welcoming the beginning of the sales season like 11.11 Singles Day to Black Friday and aren’t we all excited about scoring great deals.

Lazada has prepared and amazing line up of sales that you cannot pass on. From items with up to 90% off to 1,111 Flash Sales which starts from 1st November and of course Surprise Boxes worth S$100 going for S$29 or S$49.

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In the Lazada x Curel 11.11 Surprise Box, there were a total of 7 items in it of which 4 items were part of a 20 days kit which makes it a great size to bring for travels. Just like all other previous Surprise Boxes, I will not reveal all the items so that you can maintain your element of surprise when you receive your box! The other items are full sized items and the total value of items in the box is worth S$100 or more.

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In this 4 piece set, there are two parts to it; Cleanse & Moisturise.

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The Makeup Cleansing Gel  removes makeup including long-wearing foundation from deep within the pores while protecting the skin’s natural ceramide. The soft gel spreads easily on the skin without excessive rubbing or tugging of the skin. It rinses off easily to leave skin comfortably clean.

After removing the makeup, the next step is to cleanse the face with the Foaming Wash which thoroughly cleanses perspiration and dirt while protecting the skin’s natural ceramide. Its gentle formula contains cleansing ingredients that minimizes stress on the skin and its foamy lather glides over my skin and leaves my skin feeling comfortable and light the wash.

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As for the moisturise products, it aims to replenish ceramide function and retains moisture.

The application is first with the Moisture Lotion III followed by the Intensive Moisture Cream.

The Moisture Lotion III contains Eucalyptus extract which penetrates into the skin’s layer which helps to smoothen, fully moisturise and strengthen it by making it resistant to external stresses. After applying the Moisture Lotion III, my skin feels hydrated, moist and it is nicely absorbed by my skin.

The Intensive Moisture Cream also contains Eucalyptus extract which further strengthens the inner layers of the skin and helps to keep the skin soft and supply and deeply moisturized. Though the name of the product sounds heavy and intense, its texture is soft and light and it melts into my skin upon application and leaves my skin feeling moisturized yet comfortable in our humid climate.

Curel BB Cream Lazada copy


Even on days when you want to let you skin take a break from makeup, you should still at least apply some sunscreen when you leave home cos skin damaged from UV rays are irreversible and should never be taken lightly.

Curel BB Cream not only has SPF 28 and PA++, it also contains ingredients that retains the skin’s ceramide, restoring moisture dense skin from within, making it more resistant to external irritation and stress. Its Natural tinted shade helps to cover up uneven skin tone while soothing and protecting the skin from dryness. Its light creamy texture spreads easily, covering imperfections evenly, creating a flawless finish. You can really see how it even outs the skin tone on the back of my hand.

Check out all the exciting deals today and don’t forget to bookmark it for the best offers on 11.11.

Live and love life everest
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