Paddy Hills Buffet

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For my birthday this year, I brought my family to Paddy Hills to try their famous All-you-can-eat buffet. I’ve seen the whole world featuring it & felt really fomo, SO I TRAVELLED FROM EAST TO WEST just to try it!

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Truffle Capalleni 

I tried this before during The Closet Lover app launch & I loved it.

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Presenting to you, THE HOT FAVOURITE
Hei rice

My family don’t eat beef so we told them to remove the steak. It’s actually squid ink rice with soft boil in the middle. Extremely flavourful but not overpowering. This was TOOO GOOD, we had a total of 7 plates.

paddy 4Mala xiang guo

Being a mala queen, I really liked this dish although it’s not spicy enough. Suitable for parents who love mala but can’t take too spicy. Fyi Fiona, y’all should sell the fried lotus chips on its own, it’s so addictive!

paddy 6Rosti with Sausage and mushroom ragout. Unlike the typical rosti we eat at marche with thick shredded potato, their rostis are made of thin potato strips.  Thus, you won’t get full easily. I loved this dish too and personally had 2 plates of it.


HAHAH, look at my greedy Daisy. There are outdoor seatings available so if you’re thinking of bringing your furbabies, you can inform them beforehand.

paddy 7From left: Fish Taco, Thai Top Shell Salad, Shrimp Roll

I highly recommend the Fish Taco and Thai Top Shell. My dad ate 5 Fish Taco because it was so good. Personally, Im not a fan of the Shrimp Roll because I felt that it tasted very gelat.

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Metaiko Toast

My brother thought it was Caviar… hahaha! Anyway, this makes a very good tapas & appetiser. If you’re looking for Tapas catering for your event, do approach @paddy.hills too.

paddy 10Look at the big plate of chocolate skewers, they included a Chocolate fountain inside with unlimited amount of fruit skewers, perfect way to end off your buffet by satisfying your sweet tooth.

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Signature berry ball

Their famous pancake made into a ball & they topped it off with premium vanilla ice cream because it definitely doesn’t taste cheap. By the time we wanted to have our dinner, it was already times up so we only managed to share 2 berry balls.

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paddy hills

I highly recommend everyone to give the paddy hills buffet a try. It may be a little pricey but they serve steak (which i didn’t feature here because I don’t take beef) & oysters to make your money worth. I only managed to eat 2 oysters because I came late.

Would highly advise you guys to come on time as there’ll be slight waiting time (8 mins max) in between the dishes as it’s freshly prepared for you on the spot. Not your typical buffet where it’s already prepped & placed out in the open.

Feel free to make your reservations for the buffet as they’re ALWAYS fully booked. 

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Rd,
Singapore 118164

Tel: 6479 0800

Thank you paddy hills & Fiona for having me!
I’ll be back soon x


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