10 Instagram Emo Quotes Accounts

I’d like to blame it on my horoscope for sculpting me into someone so emotional, too emotional to be exact. But really, there’s no one who can save me from my own self wallowing despair other than myself/ yourself.

If you follow me on my dayre.me/emmtann, you would know that I always post emo quotes there & surprisngly, a lot of girls actually relate to them. I always get requests to share my secret stash of emo quotes so that they too, can tide through tough times by seeking comfort in these quotes.

That has never crossed my mind but these few weeks, I’ve seen an increased in requests through my DMs. There are a lot more accounts but let’s take it slow – Here’s 10 of my secret stash of emo quotes accounts which I follow on my personal account. Like all millennial, please tell me I’m still one *shows puppy eye*, we all have a main account & personal account. hahahaha

emo 1


Well, honey. That’s right, it’s been 138 days for me.

I’m not so freaky to count nor do i encourage you to count but since I wanna be more relatable, might as well spend an extra 5 minutes to count how many days has it been for me. hahaha

emo 2


I know that you are going through some form of heartbreak, but trust me my little one, you are never alone. Because someone out there is going through the exact same thing or worst.

emo 3


We’re all lost in this world, just different kind of lost.

emo 4


Ask yourself this: If you can’t change a bad habit, what makes it easier for the other party to change for the better?

emo 5@trashedsociety

i trusted you

emo 6@6.17am

How do people do this? Remain friends with their exes & watch them move on?

emo 7@myperfectposts

If it hurts, it means the love was real.

emo 8.1

emo 8.2

emo 8.3


There are quotes that come in the form of short stories.

emo 10


She’s a really good writer.

emo 9


One day you’ll be the blessing that someone has been praying for.

Something nice to end off the 10 emo quotes accounts introduction.

Something which I’ve learnt would be, maintaining a good relationship with your other half or anyone is the toughest thing in this world. Because we can never fully empathise how the other party feels especially when their actions directly or indirectly affect you. Every single day, I am learning how to cope this and as cliché as it sounds, it all begins with you.

How badly do you want to change for the better? For yourself, not anybody else. 

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