2 weeks ago, I went down to Centre For Cosmetic to try out their 3 Max Cool Shaping, Fat Freeze procedure, Ultra Cavitation and Multipolar Radio Frequency with LED. I’ve been struggling with stubborn fats on my belly, arm and double chin since secondary school but it has gotten worst in recent years because I love my alcohol too much. Oops!

Preparing to do the Multi Polar Radio Frequency on my double chin.

Multi Polar Radio Frequency delivers a thermal radio frequency thermal energy to tighten the skin and break down stubborn fats.

You can actually see yourself on the screen, it would detect the hottest part of your face. If you can see, my chin is the hottest because it’s in red. 

After 20 minutes – It heats up to 42 degree and it can be pretty uncomfortable. I rate it a 7/10 discomfort level. It’s NOT painful, just a stinging burning sensation. 

Next up we have the Cryo Sculptor on my belly. It’s a non invasive cryo cooling method to reduce fat cells and break down fats with the vacuum and LED Function. 


There was zero pain but slight discomfort because your whole stomach is being sucked in. Here’s my belly being freezed at –4 degrees. hahaha

Other than belly, my arms were my concern too. I did both my Cool Sculpt (for my belly) and Ultra Cavitation (for my arms) concurrently to save time.

Here’s my result after 2 weeks, my belly fats went from 7.2KG to 6.5kg. However, cool shapingt’s results are not immediate and the doctor mentioned that I will only see the real results after 1-2 months and during the meantime, I should spam more water. 

After Cool Sculpt, doctor did Ultra Cavitation on me to further break down the fats and enhance deep fat treatment effect. During the process, this machine made some weird “dolphin mating” sound but rest assured, the doctor said that it’s normal. Hahaha


Here’s my belly after the treatment! I’ll keep you guys posted on the 1-2 months progress

I did both Ultra Cavitation and Multi Polar Radio Frequency for my arms. Each session takes around 30 minutes, so remember to set aside sufficient time for your whole session. It’s advisable for me to do it twice a week to keep the breaking down of fats routine consistent. 

Ultra Cavitation

Multi Polar Radio Frequency 

If you’re someone whose facing stubborn fats issue, you can call in to book a consultation with them to see if you’re suitable for this treatment.

PS, Stay tune to the video which I hosted for them that’ll be coming up on MFP.

Here’s the address of the clinic: 

Centre for Cosmetic Rejuvenation & Surgery
1 Scotts Rd, 03-03, Singapore 228208 

Hope this post helps you guys!

Thank you x


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