Ever since i posted on IG 2 weeks ago that I went to Tioman for my Open Waters Course, I’ve been getting an influx of DMs (from my followers) & messages from my own friends asking me all about it. Thus, I’ve decided to do a blogpost for you guys!

I’ve always wanted to learn diving but fear (90% procrastination lol) really put this bucket list dream on hold, plus I have anxiety issues because I HATE it when i lose control of my body so i’ve always had this fear that diving would make me feel claustrophobic & nervous.

Never ever thought I would enjoy diving so much but this is literally one of the best decisions i’ve ever made in my life, especially for an aqua baby like myself. I LOVEEE the water!!! During my first heartbreak, i swam every single day for 2 months because I find comfort & peace being in the water. HAHAHA

I registered for my PADI Open Water Course just 2 weeks before the actual dive because I was feeling YOLO & adventurous.

Before heading to Tioman, we were all required to clock a theory lesson followed by a pool dive to get comfortable being & BREATHING underwater.  I had my pool dive in Orchid Country Club alone because my friends couldn’t make it that day.

Stole this photo from google but this was exactly how the pool dive looked like, except we got to try out the actual diving suit. We were taught the different breathing techniques, learnt how to control our buoyancy (which i still suck at), mask removal underwater (I HATED THIS cause I choked..) & many more.

PLEASE DO NOT WEAR THE SHORT SUIT! Look @ how horrible my tan is. It’s been a month & my tan is still there, opt for the long suit so you can be protected thoroughly and apply plenty of sunblock on your face!


We left Singapore on Friday at 6pm and arrived at Mersing Jetty at 10pm.

This is the boat we took from Mersing Jetty to Tioman. Please bring a jacket because it’s freeeezing inside, I would recommend you guys to wear tights or long pants too.

& MOST IMPORTANTLY, please bring motion sickness pills. Me & Elaine almost died because the waves were SO STRONG and the boat ride was horribly bumpy!

We reached Tioman- Sun Beach Resort at 2am & went straight to the room after collecting our keys because we were dead tired from all the traveling.

By default, if you’re going in a group of 4, all of you would be sleeping in the same room (2 pax share a queen size bed). If it’s just 2 of you guys, you would share the room with 2 other strangers. This is to help save cost for everyone.

However, if you feel weird sleeping with strangers, like Kim. He paid additional $120 just to keep the room exclusive to me, Elaine & himself.

I rate the room a 6/10, it’s like a typical chalet type of room WITH aircon and a fairly clean interior with proper facilities. However, I’m VERY particular (*cough spoilt *cough) about my lodging, so it wasn’t up to my standard.


Up early at 7:30am for our breakfast before our dive! I don’t have any pictures of our meals there because I wasn’t planning on blogging/vlogging. It was a social media detox & self reflection kinda trip.

BUT rest assured, every meal was good!!! Especially our lunch that day – the crispy crab (OMG too good) and chicken curry, NOMZ!


Saturday was the test day itself, so we had 3 dives near the shore (deepest was 5m) and we were tested on all of the techniques that were taught during the pool dive. We weren’t allowed to bring our gopro because well, it’s TEST day. So no photos except for this. hahaha

FYI, me & Elaine were named Burden 1 & Burden 2 because we kept complaining how heavy the air tank is (Oops) and we can’t seem to use our fins correctly?! No matter how hard we paddled, we were NOT moving at all!!!!! FYI, we’re partners. HAHAHAHAH Putting 2 burdens together as partners… joke!! Ended up, the other guys towed us. hehehehe

Happy faces after conquering/passing our 3 dives. That’s Ridhuan and Kbee, they’re the 2 guys who helped to tow me & Elaine. hahahahaha

Kim, Elaine & I brought our own rash guard because OCD Kim was telling us how dirty the common diving suit may be and we MAY get rashes from it so we should bring our own rash guard (it’s just a long sleeve swim suit top) and wear it underneath. I got mine from decathlon for $29. Try to get it 1-2 size smaller so that water don’t seep in and bloat you up when you’re underwater.

Caught the sunset before our theory test at 530pm.

Dinner was BBQ Buffet. They had fried rice, fried noodles and even coleslaw.. abit weird but okay.. can

and live BBQ

For all my alcoholic friends, rest assured, beers are going for only $1.50 each. You can drink drank drunk all you want! I was on a detox so that didn’t entice me.

FYI, the wifi was down so all of us didn’t have wifi. You can get SIM Cards from the minimart for 30RM if you really NEED connection for work or to report safety.

THEIR RAMLY BURGER IS DA BOMB?!?!?!? It was SO DAMN GOOD, BEST I’VE EVER HAD!! RM5.50 for this chicken cheese ramly burger. The burger stall will be open when you arrive on friday at 2am. So if you’re starving at 2am, don’t worry, Food is available 🙂


Woke up feeling all hyped up for our last 2 dives! I had really bad withdrawal symptoms the night before because I wanted to dive MORE!

Poor girl was so sleepy & had slight motion sickness despite popping the motion sickness pill.

I have no idea what’s up with the 6 logo but we kept doing it during the whole trip. Hahaha no we’re NOT in some gang…

Went to 2 dive spots – one was Renggis Island which was around 9M deep. Honestly, there was nothing much to see during my 2 dives and 30% of the corals were dead. But it’s all about getting used to being underwater with our gear.

Halfway during my first dive, I had problem descending and I just kept ascending up while everyone else were below me. Despite waving like mad & deflating my BCD (the vest) fully, i just can’t descend down!!!!! Stayed on top for around 15 minutes before everyone realised I was missing & came up to find me. Hahahah

Off to the next dive spot ~

That’s Jag and Andrew beside us! Andrew is an underwater photographer enthusiast and if you’re into diving and underwater micro living photography, you guys can check his IG out: @thenamelessbear


Full crew! It was SO fun with these bunch of awesome peeps! Despite me & Elaine being the biggest burdens, they were so loving and helpful throughout the whole dive.


Ended the dive trip with super awesome prata at the Jetty. Thanks Johnathan from Simply Scuba for being the BEST instructor we can ever ask for. Please look for him if you’re thinking of getting your Open Waters Cert with Simple Scuba.

On the way back ~ I recommend you guys to sit on the higher deck if you’re very prone to motion sickness like me. We left at 230pm and reached Singapore at 10pm!

Thanks Kb & Kim for the photos ~ You guys can watch their diving videos on my instagram (@emmtann)! I cant seem to upload here, i don’t know why!

Okay.. now for the commonly asked questions:

  1. Which dive school did you go to?

I was recommended by my friend to learn with Simply Scuba and I’ve no regrets! Please look for Johnathan, he’s very good!

2. How much did you pay for it?

I PAID $590 for everything – Our transport, accommodation, meals and dive course were all included in the $590. (I AM NOT SPONSORED HOR) However, if you apply via ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) which happens once a year, you’ll be able to get it at a super discounted rate. Everybody in my dive group (except me, Elaine & Kim) got it for only $450…

3. How old must I be to learn diving?

Diving starts at the age of 9 years old. So if you have kids above 9 years old, you can encourage your whole family to pick up diving as a family hobby!

4. Can I wear contact lense when I dive? 

Yes, you can. My degree is 600 on each eye so contacts are a MUST MUST for me. Just refrain from opening your eyes in the water. If you feel your contact lense shifting, close your eyes and move your eyeballs, naturally your eyes would find the contact lense.

5. How often do such diving trips happen?

Simply Scuba offer classes every weekend in Tioman, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can sign up today and go next week!

These are the only questions I’ve received, you guys can head over to their FAQ page to find out more!

I hope that all of you guys have enjoyed this post!
Till next time kiddos 🙂

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